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April 21, 2016

Boots on the Ground Here?

Harry M. Covert

So, a national presidential wannabe hopes to charm the smart people of Frederick today. Wouldn't you know it? My laptop has crashed. My 50-year-old plus Royal typewriter still works but, similar to politics of today, not capable of cutting the mustard in the world of computers.


Rather than come up with a philosophical non-partisan space filler, I wanted to figure a way to pick up a few shekels in downtown Frederick this afternoon. Let me put it in "proper and correct" English words.


I heard some opponents of the visitor today may be looking for protestors and would be interrupters. This would show how the Texan is so "the wrong guy" to represent real Americans. It would be fun to yell and scream. Not really!!!


The thing for word meisters here is to find a good local angle. The senator is known for wearing stylish cowboy boots on the campaign trail. I considered my gleaming black boots, but not to show complicity with the Harvard man. I won't use the unfair "lyin'" designation.


In my long life nosing around with politicians, I've learned a thing or two or three. The business of obfuscation and prevarication includes everybody. As my mother would say, "no storytelling or cussing.” As my editors would say, "get the facts and quote 'em," good or not. We were always puzzled by the newspaper tag "All the news that fits the truth." The latter is out of context.


I couldn't find out where to register to be a professional crybaby, nee protester. I really wanted to know first what the pay would be, and if the money would be cash in advance.


Thus, I may have missed out on a nice useless protest for pay and a chance to be in the news. Gump, Gump, Gump.


Now, I did learn by reading a newspaper that a candidate mogul's Maryland delegate voter is married to the Frederick Republican state senator Michael Hough, who just happens to be chairman of Senator Cruz's team in Maryland. Hmmm!


Seems to me this is a rather strange and devious situation. Mr. Hough is the same legislator who, in the closing days of the Maryland legislature, wouldn't agree to support Gov. Larry Hogan's nominee Nick Diaz for a third term as a trustee of Frederick Community College.


Mr. Diaz is a distinguished educator. His current term goes until July. His record is such that he deserves and has earned a third term.


Inside political gossip confirms Hough and his GOP comrades wanted another person, the former chairman of the county's Board of Commissioners. I'm not identifying the "inside candidate" because he doesn't need the conversation just now.


So, considering all the bluster about truth-telling and above reproach conduct of political gurus, I confess that I won't try any further to find an afternoon job strictly for the money. I'll polish my boots again and agree with Mr. Moneybags. Be aware of the insiders, who are posing as wolves in sheep's clothing.


I'm astonished that nefarious campaign tactics are alive and well in Frederick, the city, the county and the State of Maryland


The day is coming when new political parties will have to be declared. So who do voters trust? That's surely a good question, not rhetorical, not hypothetical.


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