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March 29, 2016

‘Packing’ for the Convention?

Harry M. Covert

In these zany days watching exciting events unfolding everywhere, there is so much to say, write and disseminate. The business of cacoethes scribendi gets easier and easier. In the midst of all the serious business, there is plenty of room for belly laughs, guffaws and grins.


Friends, we are in the heyday of editors, reporters and writer. They are having halcyon days. These are the best of days; readers are benefitting bigtime. Locally, just walk down Frederick’s Market Street, stories are everywhere. Drive around the county and visit the various communities. Gosh almighty, business sure is booming with cat shows, lunches for everybody, farm shows, and a Hagerstown television station getting ready for heavy-duty news coverage.


I know today’s society is evolving and has evolved. Everybody laughs and talks about fabricators, prevaricators and storytellers. Madcaps are going nuts over alleged chauvinistic words and raconteurs. Expletives are not deleted.


Where are the truth tellers? Of course, that depends on who’s talking.


Let me get to the point. Maryland, the Free State, is quite behind the times with regard to allowing concealed weapons for good citizens. Even retired law enforcement people are thwarted from “packing.” Boo on the legislators. But, I digress.


The story is breaking that some 20,000 people want delegates to carry concealed their side arms to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Won’t that be fun? I can see the stories of all sorts emanating. “A fool and his guns”… Oh, I’m not going to finish that sentence.


The story is that the GOPs’ front-runner not only has concealed carry permits, but likes to pack as he runs around his business enterprises – even in New York. I don’t know if he wears a shoulder, hip or ankle holsters. These days, though, he’s surrounded by Secret Service protectors and their expertise in such matters is well-known.


Some folks don’t realize that Ronald Reagan liked to carry a revolver once in a while in his tank-like limousine. Several of his cabinet officers put .38 Smith and Wesson’s in their belt. Mr. R didn’t need a permit. His security team knew it and who would dare challenge him. Also, Teddy Roosevelt wasn’t averse to packing either.


Remember when Chicago Mayor Richard Daley tried to control the knock-down 1968 Democratic National Convention? What a time was had by all, especially the reporters. I watched on television when only three networks were involved and newspapers were at their best.


Not for one second do I believe this summer’s Republican maneuvers will compare to Mayor Daley’s blustering. But, whoever came up with delegates packing heat is dumb. Imagine if the far west gunslingers don’t like their treatment. Imagine the devastation if the professional paid left-wingers try to invade and disrupt the proceedings?


Everybody has a right to wave flags, but they can’t yell “fire” in theaters. Consider the trouble that could erupt from an invasion of the various “(blank) Lives Matter.) As heard years and years ago, “Heavenly Days McGee!”


The business of concealed carry is not supposed to be offensive but defensive.


Sounds nice that so many were eager to sign the petition to be convention carriers and exercise their Second Amendment rights. I haven’t heard any support for this from the National Rifle Association.


This debate makes for good stories. It also moves the nation into a league with the despots around the world, most particularly in Central and South America.


With all of the off-the-wall ninnies who may try to attend the festivities without portfolio, the Secret Service will have the final word. No, no and no. So, forget it. Thus, any disturbances among the faithful will be fisticuffs and cheap talk.


The photos will be better this way. The certified bonafide convention security will have available such items as tasers, pepper spray and those beautiful bomb sniffing canines. Where are Lassie and Rin-Tin-Tin?


You ask about cacoethes scribendi? – the itch to write.


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