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March 22, 2016

Conjurers Criss-Crossing the Land

Harry M. Covert

Now is the time for all Kool-Aid drinkers, professional left and right-wingers, and middle-of-the-roaders of all sorts to take a “chill pill” for a few days – or weeks – or months.


Certainly the language of politics in this 21st Century has reached an all-time low; the spending has become an incredible multi-billions level and at present, the money makers are not the voting public, but the national cable and media time sellers and the consultants are raking in the cash.


All the while political watchers keep hearing how destitute Americans have become and the danger the good old USA is facing. They like to insinuate calamities are coming full blast.


No matter which of the politicians, or how the incestuous talking heads and professional experts say it, true Scripture believers are not crazy for believing what they’ve heard for years upon years – the last days are coming fast. Go ahead and take a deep gulp, the conjurers criss-crossing the land aren’t preaching that the land of plenty is still around us all.


Dare we drive down our streets, shop in the downtowns or shopping malls, or go about our daily lives with happy hearts and smiles? The clergy should be jumping up and down for the mission fields and the hope of filling the emptiness of houses of worship.


As fetid some of these remarks may seem, all the campaigners are to blame for painting with broad strokes a dismal picture of the nation. The vanity they have for their professional acumen is a bit much. It isn’t nice to keep hearing how liars, charlatans’, mental midgets, misogynists, racists and other descriptions are the true leaders for the next four years.


When this presidential race is concluded, and none of the candidates are physically hurt or dismembered, the Congress will continue to be disoriented and ill serving the best interests of all.


The current contestant crop must be exhausted, not just talking us all to death, but traveling state-to-state. Please, I ask, no more alleged debates. Enough already.


Now, while the candidates keep saying the nation is crumbling and heading to destruction in one way or another, just think that the National Pastime will be getting started in less than a fortnight. “All Real Americans” will be able to see their favorite millionaire sportsmen and family men throwing and hitting baseballs, arguing with the certified umpires who now use replays, and player speaking the King’s English, or Cuban Español or Japanese-Korean-Taiwanese-Chinese.


One good thing will be sports fans won’t have to listen to announcers blabbing over each other or in interviews. Heavenly Days, hearing and watching the media experts talk more than the pros is not only nerve-wracking but tiresome and discourteous. I know they are smarter than the candidates, but teachers of interviewing techniques ought to take over.


This pyrrhic was supposed to be about a Supreme Court nomination both in Washington and Richmond, Virginia. Whether it’s popular or not, the current major domo at 1600 is constitutionally authorized to nominate and it’s up to the U.S. Senate to approve or disapprove. Both sides of the issue are snookering the country.


In Virginia the duly elected governor named a justice to the Old Dominion Supreme Court. The justice was shabbily treated by the General Assembly, not because she was unqualified. Quite the contrary. The governor didn’t pick up his phone and massage the General Assembly. That certainly isn’t working for the people.


To the victor go the spoils. Take criticism of the Frederick County executive who is managing the affairs without regard. She didn’t write the charter provisions giving the executive dictatorial authority and to run all affairs without interference. This is quite a deal with three years to go. The writers of the charter are the ones opponents should run out of the county tarred and feathered.


Who wouldn’t want to be No. 1 without challenge? Who wouldn’t want to make a quarter-million dollars to make a speech? If you had a zillion big ones, would you spend your dough for the highest office in the land? Friends, all of the latter isn’t public service. Is this what Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Adams, Mr. Franklin and others envisioned? Did General Washington never tell a lie?


They would never have been elected in today’s media frenzy.


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