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March 10, 2016

When Frederick Crime News is Good

Harry M. Covert

Here’s a real “BREAKING NEWS” story, a true blue “BULLETIN” and an EXCLUSIVE. The crime rate throughout the largest Maryland county is at an almost all-time low.


Yes, arrests throughout are at an incredible all-time low. Imagine the ramifications to the legal profession in all of its levels.


This is not a joke, or an attempt at humor. The facts, not polls, are proving that Frederick County is not a venue for all sorts of criminal activity without penalty.


What will the do-gooders be saying and doing after they bone up on the fantastic news? Young and old lawyers, brothers and sisters at the bar, could be scrambling for clients. The distinguished judges from Orphans Court to District and Circuit Courts could be spending more time teaching.


Will court commissioners, otherwise known as magistrates, or judicial officers and bail bondsmen have to be concerned about their futures?


Well, local preachers and those similar could runaround and report the success of their kum-ba-yas, hugs for the bad boys and girls, and members of the printed press and radio-television can just pat themselves on the back about their grand stories for releasing young criminals.


All right, here is the good news. It comes from the county’s Sheriff-for-Life Chuck Jenkins. He’s certainly earned his four stars as he enters a third four-year term.


Here are the exclusive details. The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office reports that for 2015, Part One of serious crime is down a whopping eight (8) percent compared to 2014. There was a decrease of six (6) percent in 2014 compared to 2013.


Now consider these details. They are not minor. If this incredible trend continues compounding the decreases annually, the Sheriff-for-Life just may have to take over county-wide management or take his crime-busting techniques to the entire State of Maryland, the Free State, or succumb to advances that he be forced to become Commissioner of the Baltimore Police Department.


Visualize how safe and sound Charm City could become? The pleasure of walking to the Orioles, and Ravens, or the Hippodrome, or the Inner Harbor would be awesome. Of course the peace and prosperity in Frederick City and other delightful communities sure is something to behold, so why even consider leaving the surroundings of fine amenities of all sorts – downtown eateries, the Weinberg, and Harry Grove Stadium. The more we list, the more we don’t need to spend our cash elsewhere.


The Sheriff-for-Life has honed the Frederick Sheriff’s Office to the best in the state, is recognized by the National Sheriff’s Association and other agencies for its outstanding achievements. Not only does his office perform excellent duties everywhere, the men and women are truly exemplary.


At the rate they are going the question is obvious will such good crime-fighting put the sheriff out of a job. To some, research that has never happened before.


Factually, law enforcement agencies in Greater Washington, the Eastern Seaboard, public and private and there are many, will be wanting the formula.


Everything rises and falls on leadership. How to lead men and women is a key to crime-busting. It’s obvious Sheriff Jenkins knows his business. For the record, this scribe has never had a free meal at the Jenkins hotel (that’s jail for the innocent) either as a guest of the state or for information gathering.


Driving throughout the county is happy and safe, as is shopping and watching scholastic sports events.


The bottom line with all local statistics is these facts coincide with the polls. Remember though, each of the deputies has more than one cartridge available and can shoot straight.


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