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February 8, 2016

Progressives may open the door to fascism

Ken Kellar

News stories have started rolling in from Europe about Muslim immigrants/refugees molesting, raping and generally abusing the indigenous population. It appears they are pretty much getting away with it. My first thought was: “Where are the Nazi brown-shirts when you need them?”


What is it with Germany? Eighty some years ago, the Germans declared their most law-abiding and productive citizens to be a blight. They proceeded to expel, enslave and murder all of their fellow citizens who were Jewish.


Recently, it appears Germans missed having a group of people to demonize and hate, so they imported over a million Muslims, and not just any Muslims. Skilled workers? No, mostly uneducated. Stable families? No, mostly single males. Muslims seeking the free society Germany can offer? No, Muslims who expect society to bend to their will.


Germany had to make up lies about their own people in the 1930’s to justify their extermination. Now Germany has to make up some kind of “coexist” fantasy to justify importing masses of really bad people, and then sit back and let them abuse and rape their women.


The European Muslim influx reminds me of the 1980 movie First Family. Bob Newhart plays the President of the USA. On a visit to a fictional African nation, he discovers they are incredibly wealthy due to their fertile soil (from a volcano, I think).


In the movie there are fruits and vegetables the size of small houses. The president figures he could win re-election easily if he works a trade deal to bring the fertile soil to the U.S.


The African leader is uninterested in the president’s offers. He says something to the effect: “We are quite comfortable here with no poverty and all the luxuries we want. But we do lack one thing, an oppressed minority. So we ask you send us 1,000 of your white middle-class families. We will set them up in substandard housing and then deny them certain basic rights.”


The president, anxious to make the deal, agrees and the movie goes downhill from there.


Is that what Europe is doing? Did they feel incomplete lacking an oppressed minority?


So, back to those brown-shirts; a bunch of Swedish “Neo-Nazis” were recently arrested for beating on some “foreigners.” A German girl is having her U-tube video censored for asking German men to patrol the streets to keep the German women safe.


To paraphrase a pretty famous document: all men are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. To secure those rights, governments are instituted among men. Whenever any government becomes destructive to those ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and establish a new government to most likely effect their safety and happiness.


Roving bands of skin-head Nazis busting Muslim heads might not be Jefferson’s vision of a new institution, but what is to be expected when the people’s government foolishly puts its people in such danger?


I was motivated to write this piece when I saw a comment at the end of a Swedish Neo-Nazi arrest story. The comment was: “If fascists are the only ones who will stand up for your people, then there's something to be said for fascism.”


When I toured Sicily as a young officer in the Navy, I heard the Mafia had started as a kind of militia or vigilante group to protect its own. Then the whole “power corrupts” thing took over.


When governments fail to protect its citizens’ unalienable rights, eventually something will be done to attempt to fill the void. On rare occasions that something is the creation of a freedom-loving republic. In most cases, it is not.


Good luck Europe, you need it!


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