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February 2, 2016

Bible Speak, Politics, Oodles

Harry M. Covert

All the late tittle tattle about how to speak in Bible, most particularly among the political class, is rather interesting, fun and nonsense. Actually, at the risk of starting verbal combat, the King James Version traditionalists hold fast to the orthodoxy. It ain’t funny, folks, particularly to those “standing on the promises.”


It can be nerve-wracking. In this season of overwhelming and tiresome political jaw-boning, the speakers make it easy to decide who in the media don’t know doodly about “Bible speak.”


In perspective Iowans last night supposedly came to the fore with their caucus, deciding their presidential favorites. Could be some difference from the predictions and predilections of the chattering class.


But, let’s continue to “Bible speak.” Iowans were described as the class of “eee-vangelicals.” The correct pronunciation is really “ev-angelicals.” “Eee-vangelicals” sounds too hokey, somewhat countrified and perhaps akin to the Scopes trial judicial ministrations some years back in Dayton, Tennessee. While the talking heads like to make fun of Christians, they should look inward regarding their use of English, either American or Oxford. I just wish they’d stop using phrases such as “lower down” or “continue on.” Yesterday was February Oneth, today is February Two.


A Frederick instructor so happy with his appointment said: “I always wanted to be an English teacher and now I are one.” Actually he was a D. C. academician.


It has been noticeable that the Almighty has so often been invoked by candidates in Hawkeye country. Maybe there’s hope for the nation after all. But the description is “ev-angelicals.” If you don’t believe me, just ask Frederick’s own Rev. Dr. Randy White, columnist extraordinaire Cal Thomas or Franklin Graham – and a few others. Don’t even bother to share this with the late Rev. Ike, or the still squawking Al Sharpton.


Now as the presidential teams move on to New England, there may be a few less “God bless yous.” This will satisfy the lesser theological gymnasts in all probability.


“Bible speak” came to the fore recently from the City of Seven Hills. No, not Rome, but the Christian mecca of Lynchburg, Virginia. Recall if you will the discussion of Holy Scripture from “Two Corinthians.” This brought about lots of criticism for allegedly misspeaking. Those of a worldly bent know this isn’t a sinful mishap. A little research shows the Scots are known for using this pronunciation and that’s with or without any scotch sipping. The man who used this phrase is known as a Presbyterian. A majority of Scotlanders are members of the Kirk. Look it up.


The point of all this is rather simple. Who makes the rule that Scripture readers can’t say Two Samuel, Two Kings, Two Corinthians, Two Thessalonians, Two John or Two Falwell? Well, on the latter Two Falwell is really and accurately Jerry Falwell, Jr., a University of Virginia Law School graduate, successor to Falwell Sr., and chancellor-president of Liberty University.


It can be asserted here, JF Jr. is one smart man. Actually he is a brilliant leader, businessman and knows where he’s going. His Daddy was a leader par excellence and set the pace for the university. Junior will be there for the long haul and don’t be at all surprised if LU becomes the largest institution of higher learning in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation. JF Sr.’s goal was to have the university equal and then surpass UVA in elegance, facilities and educational excellence. The road to that goal is exciting.


While it is entertaining to listen to discussions on pronunciations, it is something to behold to see the spending of the candidates, oodles and great gobs of money for both the good and bad. The only other areas where the cash is flowing are in sports. Time marches on, but just imagine Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson, Joe DiMaggio, Willie Mays, Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Cool Papa Bell, and others would be thinking about how they missed the gigantic paydays? I didn’t forget the college football and basketball coaches’ remunerations, or the incredible payoffs of the pro footballers.


Is this a great country or what? Does it seem like the nation is crumbling actually? It’s only money.


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