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January 27, 2016

A Life Missed Unregrettably

Tom McLaughlin

I had heard of him, of course. David Bowie. But I simply had not paid any attention to him or his life. It wasn't until he made front page on The New York Times and a big splash in The Economist that I realized he must have done something important and I just missed it.


Funny that. How something as mind-shattering as David Bowie and you completely ignore him.


Probably I ignored him because he looked like a freak. I don't mean that in an insulting way. I was a freak at one time, too; but he seemed more, well, feminine. Just a glance at him turned me off like that swimmer kid who turned into a woman without the help of fairy dust. The only thing I knew about him/her was he swam at one time, won a bunch of awards and suddenly turned into a woman. All in one week, it seemed. But I digress.


I looked up some of the songs he sang, and "Let's Dance," a 1983 gold song, was the only one I could come up with that I had heard of. There was a vague reference to Ziggy, but I couldn't remember whether it was a friend of his or the comic strip.


Checking down the list, most of the music, over five decades, seemed to have something to do with space. Yet, they kept saying he always reinvented himself. Into what I am not sure, but he certainly didn't look any different after what must have been a gallon of Botox and that skin straightener stuff.


It said he was fascinated by Andy Warhol. I liked Andy also, especially his tomato soup can and the yellow Marilyn Monroe portrait. Warhol painted that didn't he? Andy loved him and so did I, but not to the point of naming an album and dedicating a whole section of my life to him.


Okay, I am going to listen to his number one song "Heroes," which came out in 1977 while I was in graduate school. ( I smoked a lot of pot during that three year period, but my stoned mind has not brought back even a flicker of that song. May be high on pot dissolved my brain cells to the point they eradicated that song. I am in favor of legalizing pot if it would scrub the brain of such noise.


Yes, noise. I think it was noise then, because obviously I don't remember him and I think it is noise now. I remember the rock opera Tommy and the" see me feel me" song, but I don't think David Bowie had anything to do with that.


I am sorry that he died as I am for all people who impacted peoples’ lives. My goodness, even the Archbishop of Canterbury was sad that he passed on. I mean, when an archbishop says he smoked dope, than he must be a great preacher.


Well, so long David! Sorry I missed your life, your work and your crazy life style. But I understand that you meant a lot to whole mess of people.


...Life is good. . . . .


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