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January 26, 2016

Bonhomie and the Blizzard

Harry M. Covert

It’s too easy to comment on the weather. In a few more days things may be back in order. And everybody concerned with the failings, foibles and foolishness in political battles can get back to the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.


In other words, “Give ‘em Hell, Harry.” This can be the order of the week. Why not? Let’s face it, what’s more fun than raising cane about every issue in local government. Yes, there are other ways for fun and games.


Now after four days we can praise the weather boys and girls. Their accurate predictions were almost as prestigious as the bookies around Frederick County, Baltimore’s and Charlestown’s legal gambling meccas, and crunchers in the finance offices in Winchester Hall.


The weekend of beautiful snow, somewhere in the neighborhood of at least 38 inches of snow all around, made us all housebound.


It tickled me during the championship football games to hear that a 39-year-old quarterback was old. Good Lawd, I’m far past that grouping and benefitted from some mighty nice neighbors who took care and mercy by shoveling the sidewalk and steps to the front porch. I did feel a bit guilty, but as one of the good Samaritans smiled and said: “When I get old I hope someone will do this for me.” I put the cane down.


So, back to multitasking I went, television sports, snuggling with Jane Marple and the characters of St. Mary Mead, and succumbing to the perfect oyster stew and chicken and dumplings from another neighbor. I’m certain other Fredericktonians enjoyed the same bonhomie.


While everyone anticipated the blizzard, it was hard to sit still, but we managed. Navel gazing didn’t get in the way and the television and radio elocutions tried to report weather conditions as well as the knock-down partisan presidential brouhaha. Everybody wants the White House, but, from a public relations standpoint, they like to say they dislike the place. Did you hear that the “awful executive manse” has another billionaire wanting a piece of the action? Heavens to Betsy, would you believe he’s a New Yorker, a Yankee?


Is the American voter getting confused? Controversy still abounds regarding the Succession of some 155 years ago. That was before Gettysburg became a national treasure. Is the nation en route to another dispute? It does seem the division of Mr. Jefferson’s nation is headed in that direction. The sides may not be taking up arms, but the verbal battles are far from over.


The jousting going on the cable’s alleged news programs is non-stop about the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries. There are so many political experts pontificating, wonders never cease. Few, if any, of the “experts” have ever sought public office. They enjoy massive payoffs though. I’m jealous. The old gag about the honest politician is one when bought stays bought only goes to advisors nowadays. Many are ambidextrous and slink away after their entry goes by the wayside.


Wisdom of the ages comes from Miss Marple: “Old sins cast long shadows.” Distinctive for some would-be’s. We have time to consider other words of intelligence from Amos: “Let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.” Let’s hope.


In the current presidential battle, with everybody espousing Judeo-Christian values, where does “be ye kind one to another” fit in?


Mr. Truman explained his use of the slang word “hell” as mentioned above: "I never did give anybody hell. I just told the truth and they thought it was hell." Recognize any truth tellers?


Okay, life returns to normalcy hopefully today and tomorrow. In all things local, let’s “grab the problems by the throat.”


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