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January 13, 2016

A Year in Review Already

Tom McLaughlin

Kuching, Malaysian Borneo – Good lord is the year over with yet? We started out with the Saudis executing 47 people. Now, the Saudi's execute people all the time, but nobody pays any attention because we need their oil.


Now, one of them was a holy kamoly important to Iran, one of our favorite allies. Boy, did that set things off. There was a lot of yelling and hollering and a break in diplomatic between the two and a lot of those little countries joined Saudi. Things have quieted down now, but I haven't opened the paper yet.


Then, that nut case in North Korea set of what he said was a hydrogen bomb. How we ever let that young turkey ever come to power is beyond me. I mean. We have the CIA and NSA and everybody else to get rid of him. Well, we couldn't get rid of Castro, so I guess he stays.


Japan wasn't able to find any radiation in the clouds and neither was South Korea. Truth be told, it was probably an earthquake and that little guy just claimed it was an atomic test. Well, now that isn't in the papers anymore.


Now, the cowboys in Oregon have taken over a bunch of shacks on the high prairie. A judge has ruled that a couple of them had set fire to the grasslands, and it got out of control and burned the land owned by the U.S. The judge sentence them to jail, then another judge decided they hadn't spent enough time there so they have to go back. Apparently, they don't mind because it's better in jail than spending a long cold winter with the wife and kids. That will stay in the newspapers until spring comes and the female cows start delivering and things will return to normal.


Then, China’s stock market plunged and the price of oil fell to under $30 a barrel. Now, for me, that is all good news because who gives a damn about the Chinese stock market. But the price of oil means that gas prices will go down, again. It's nice to see those low prices at the pumps.


The monsoon season here in Kuching has been pretty mild. It has been raining mainly at night and cloudy to partly cloudy during the day. The river is quite low, even during high tide.


I have had violent arguments with the head of the committee on running this condominium. Now the pool won't be ready until September. He is a heart surgeon. I have no respect for any doctors since my mother died. We yelled at each other when I insisted that the committee should pay my landlord $125 a month ’til the pool was fixed, taking $125 off my rent. Well, that China Man hit the roof. He wasn't going to pay anyone anything which is typical of the Chinese. The trouble is, we love the place and it is perfect for us.


I am still writing my history of Kuching. I think about five of us cares about this history, but it is fun. I will submit it to a few of the scholastic publications who charge between $38 and $51 an issue. It will be finished sometime in February, but it is challenging when you have a society that never learned to write.


...Life is good. . . . .


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