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January 12, 2016

Official Disclosure for Readers

Harry M. Covert

To use slang expressions describing miscreants, bad guys and gals and others from around Frederick County and the world is looked down upon. Probably should, too.


Sometimes words like thug, stupid, nincompoop, loser, liar and others generally considered “cuss” words fill the bill of what people are really thinking.


In the interest of smart readers and especially some of the media elite, who like to refer to many as uneducated, maybe bumpkins and lesser voter types, here is an Official Disclosure for today:


“The following must be read with verity, care, and intestinal fortitude, the latter known as guts to Ivy Leaguers, blue bloods and Brahmins. The following have not been vetted by any political party, race, creed or any government agency, left wingers or right-wingers, or anyone else, including those from Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Alabama and Pyongyang.”


The last screed by this space filler suggested, instead of fooling around with nutcase tin-pot dictators, specifically North Korea’s incompetent boy leader, knock him off.


Reader responses from far agreed, but several sent notes like “huh,” “wow,” and “you’re crazy.”


Am I?


In these waning days, hopefully, of any political correctness (lower case pc), I’ve been called worse things.


Let me explain. I know it was that good man Gerald Ford who issued an executive order preventing elimination of foreign leaders. He meant well. It was revoked by George W. Bush in October 2001 in the Revocation of Executive Order 12333. “W” returned to “the president the right to not prevent the president from lawfully singling out a terrorist [or foreign leader of a rogue state] for death by covert action…”


“W” didn’t blame this on Dick Cheney.


Think about this for a moment. Why should Maryland’s young Americans in military services give up their lives, arms and legs and other injuries for nitwits, ragheads (oops), terrorists and others? The list is endless.


Apologies to those offended by the use of ragheads. Here’s the explanation. On a working visit to The Sudan in the mid-1980s, our busy efforts were to establish a humanitarian program with food, medicines, and all sorts of agricultural efforts.


There was plenty of familiarity with American slang vocabulary. I had brought along my young teenage son. While working with a bonafide contractor, the son was outside playing with a Sudanese child. A photo was taken with an instant camera.


Suddenly a local policeman grabbed the son, charged him with filming the Khartoum airport. Mind you the airport was over 15 miles away. It took all day to gain his release. The owner of the contract company couldn’t restrain himself and was screaming to officials on the phone about the “durn [edited] raghead.” I’d never heard the term. I liked the movie “Lawrence of Arabia.” I knew about Britain’s Lord Kitchener.


The bottom line is this: one thousand U.S. dollars were required to get the12-year-old boy freed after eight hours of wrangling. It went to the scraggly policeman. Does this sound familiar? Of course it does because this part of the world continues to hold up the West for dollars. Heck, they don’t even like the free world because it is free.


All right! Ragheads is a slang and probably racial, but not unused around the world. Do you think many slang and curse words were used during the past weekend’s football games?


Anyone who enjoys the modern day media culture has slowly accepted the increases of cursing carte blanche. Call it locker room talk if you want. Listen to some modern music if you dare. Think “thug” is racist? Thug, stupid, liar, p-o’d spelled out, or “d****bag” pronounced by the emcees and emcee-esses without hesitation.


I admit I have used such as “damn” et al. I admit my late mother smacked me in the mouth once for saying a preacher was “damn dumb.” I was eight years old. She reminded me of that when I corrected an offspring in later years.


Not only should we Americans get some stronger backbones in these frightful days, but our vocabularies need some major attention.


Let’s save lives, American lives, and rid ourselves of the halfwits, nincompoops, bad people and reprobates determined to destroy us.


These are not profane and vain babblings.


Next? We’ll concentrate on the babblings out of Winchester Hall, where Frederick County’s government presides over the best interests of the good, the bad and the ugly.


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