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January 7, 2016

Time for Serious Action

Harry M. Covert

How exciting. We’re in the New Year and it seems the world continues to be messier than ever, and those of us fortunate to be Fredericktonians are in pretty good shape.


Dwelling on gloom and doom is not good. The iPhone buzzed at almost 10 P.M. and the awful alert was North Korea said it exploded an H-bomb. What?


This is not a joke or a gag. People in Washington are pooh-pooing the story. Citizens of Frederick need to pay attention because if the boy dictator decided to go through with a test missile to the left coast of the United States, fun-and-games will stop.


Worries about the Frederick County Public Schools budget or the county financial status and the safety of the citizenry will become a problem of note.


The preference here is to try for a bit of wit and wisdom. That’s impossible today.


How long will Marylanders just sit back and watch the turmoil continue around the universe? Events in the Middle East are no joke. The battling, threats and reality are no strangers. For one thousand years the Shiites. Shia and Sunnis have been killing one another over who is the successor to Muhammad? Well, I don’t know, but the fight continues and we must face it. The battle continues and will.


Think about the brave American soldiers and sailors who went into the “police action” in Korea. I’ve seen lots of law enforcement activities and they were nothing in comparison.


The honor of those who gave up their youth for Korea is at stake again. A drop of an incendiary device will do the trick. Why not?


Hugs and kisses will not do the job in the Middle East or the Orient. This is not pleasant or easy to say but the United States has been given a place in history. I don’t know why this nation, state and county should be the world’s policeman, but it must be.


In these days of trial and tribulations, and they are, terrorists, their leaders and the North Koreans, and the goofball in charge, just poke the U.S. in the eye, daring the “most powerful nation in the world” to take any action.


Codes of justice and life do get in the way. Why we put up with the knot-heads is something to question. Feeding the world, elimination of poverty, working to alleviate sickness, homelessness and evil has long been the job of America. I’m for that. But, hasn’t the time come to say enough is enough. Good over evil must occur and stop all of the philosophical conversation.


An international relief agency I know spent thousands of American dollars and English pounds to build orphanages and schools in Liberia, Sudan, Zaire (The Congo), Haiti, Guatemala, Kenya and other nations. The tragedies in these places continue. As governments change, army and civilians change, and the schools and orphanages are destroyed. The gall of the new leaders, and mostly the leaders of old now the new, ask for more help in rebuilding. The money well is drying up.


Lots of Fredericktonians have been involved in the humanitarian efforts – churches of all denominations and others. Among the heroes is Rev. Paul Maxey, head of Allied Medical Ministries and former pastor of St John’s Church of Christ, Woodsboro.


If anything is evident of world conditions, Americans hold the key to peace and prosperity. American citizens have always been eager to help ease the world’s pains. To lead does not mean Americans become like the rest of the world. People around the planet look up to the good old US of A. They want to enjoy the prosperity of the 50 states plus.


Once in The Sudan two decades ago a village elder walked two weeks to meet an American relief worker. He only wanted funds to construct a roof for his school. He didn’t want an American school but simple aluminum roof for a one-room school. The cost? Less than $1,500. American Christians provided the money.


Another time funds for a Haitian school, still operating, provided food for 250 students and after the earthquake has continued to feed over 2,000 weekly, all because of the generosity of Virginians and Marylanders.


The point today? The U.S. must be strong and lead with strength and courage. The North Korean H-bomb threat and the continual terrorism ought to be dealt with immediately. Not one American soldier, man or woman, should be risked. The ability to eliminate the evil masterminds is available. Kim Jung Un should be removed immediately. To be clear – knocked off. His people are starving. Why waste time with such a figure.


The time for talking is at an end with the terrorists. The free world has the task and can do it, bring the 1,000-year war to an end.


Here endeth the lesson.


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