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December 31, 2015

Resolutions and Good Intentions

Harry M. Covert

The calendar has slipped by. In a few hours 2016 is here, and lots of people will consider resolutions for various and sundry things.


These determinations, more often than not, get sidetracked as lives return to normalcy and “the forgets” become the order of the day and days.


It’s well known the road to Heaven is paved with good intentions. Laughs are everywhere today and the “roads” get a bit rocky.


Of course, faithful readers of will continue perusing these essays. They know that “truth, justice and the Frederick way” are found here.


The horde of scribes is rather good here. They cover the life and times of Frederick County very well, even to the far corners of the world – the furthest is Borneo, for example. Daily contributions here create important thinking for the populace. Opinions, ideas and detailed facts and figures from all of the beautiful communities are bountiful.


Here are some resolutions being heard for the coming year that affect all the smart people, those who plan to be part of the in-crowd, those already in the in-crowd and those who want to be smart.


·         Resolve to keep close eyes on local governments.


·         Resolve to keep close eyes on local politicians, those in office, those out of office, those who want to be in office.


·         Resolve to visit every community in the county.


·         Resolve to keep an eye on the Baltimore murder rate and encourage local gendarmes to remember that all lives matter.


·         Resolve to see more shows at the Weinberg Center.


·         Resolve to attend more Frederick Keys baseball games.


·         Resolve to read more local weekly newspapers and monthly publications.


·         Resolve to interview Ivanka Trump.


·         Resolve to interview local Korean War heroes.


·         Resolve to interview local historians about the county’s distinctive dairy farms and farmers.


·         Resolve to figure out the real Democratic Party leaders.


·         Resolve to figure out the real Republican Party leaders.


·         Resolve to figure out strong, non-partisan politicos.


·         Resolve to stop wondering about the silliness of re-writing history.


·         Resolve to start wondering if the modern generation truly has any sense – common or otherwise.


·         Resolve to read more books; historical, of course.


·         Resolve to not resolve more.


The fun of all this is to point out there are so many good things to do in the coming year beginning tomorrow.


Everybody wants peace and prosperity, of course, as all holiday well-wishers have noted. One of the prized venues in Frederick is the Great Frederick Fair. It would be fun to have The Incredible Dr. Pol of NatGeo Wild reality television fame to highlight the New Year’s program. This Michigan veterinarian is one of a kind. Local farmers, 4-H members and animal lovers would find him a breath of fresh air. He knows about pigs, cows, horses and all species.


To see local farm impresario Clyde Crum and Dr. Pol together in the Fair’s pig pen would be worth the price of the ticket – better than a first-base seat at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and almost as much fun as watching a County Council meeting.


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