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December 29, 2015

Persons of the Year

Harry M. Covert

Just who are the Persons of the Year for 2015? You guessed it. There are some interesting selections for Frederick County and all the environs.


At the top of my list, there are several co-persons.


For first co-person is Thurmont’s distinguished contractor and County Council member Kirby Delauter.


For second co-person is Frederick County Executive’s Jan Gardner, known in some quarters as “Her Worship,” who is in complete control of our County Council affairs.


For third co-person there is dapper Harold “Bud” Otis, County Council president, who refers to himself as a Republican, but in all things he is a real Democrat.


For fourth co-person there is The Frederick News-Post, which obviously has lost touch with its heritage and concentrates on maligning any and all things remembrances of history.


For fifth co-person there is Hayden Duke, a Frederick man of good will, good conscience, who is warming up to represent citizens of all stripes in coming political campaigns.


Other co-persons could be listed here in the closing days of 2015. They are good people, but space prevents detailing their contributions inside and outside of Winchester Hall.


I have not checked with local historians, but I have wondered if the arms manufacturer Winchester helped build the county administrative offices. That can be another story – or conspiracy theory – as local upstarts attempt to remove the photograph of Virginia’s Thomas Jefferson from the $2 bill, or attempt to remove the name of Francis Scott Key as author of The Star Spangled Banner (etoin shirdlu @#$%^&!), or force the Sons of Confederate Veterans to change its name to Sons of Losers.


Actually, I would not be surprised if Councilman Delauter is advising the Donald Trump presidential Campaign on how to receive free news coverage worldwide. Yes, Mr. Delauter gained powerful national attention in a spat with the local newspaper earlier this year.


It was a clever move by Mr. Delauter. I believe it probably was an opportunity that saw him in the pages of every national newspaper, the national radio and television networks. His honesty and veracity is above reproach, and his acclaim far and wide makes him a good candidate for Mr. Trump’s No. 2. That’s right, vice president on the Republican Ticket in 2016.


Mr. Trump has proven he’s a master at manipulating the media. Of course, it is rather easy at times and fun to have the free-speech minions bite. Easy as fly fishing.


Now on to “Her Worship.” You have to give Ms. Gardner credit for audacity, “covert” activities and sneaky actions. I don’t know this for a fact, but whoever wrote the county’s Charter must have been the Democrat county executive’s agent. Shrewd, I say.


While Ms. Gardner has thumbed her nose often and easily at supposed equals on the County Council, she is in command and “there ain’t nothin’ the opposition can do about it.” It wouldn’t be a surprise if “Her Worship” decided one day early in January to dissolve the County Council. Why not? They don’t count. She could use an executive order, her majority on the council or offer “Bud” Otis the job as her chief deputy. His salary would increase by at least four fold. Elimination of the council could pay for his job as her escort and official toady, which some local GOPers describe him. Of course, that’s not polite.


Truly, Mr. Duke has established himself as a citizen of integrity and community care.


This young man out of conscience agreed to step in as president, not acting president, of the Frederick Chapter of the NAACP. The fact of the matter is simple. No one else of the embattled civic rights group stood for election to replace a resigned leader.


And, when others declined, Mr. Duke stepped forth to keep the organization alive and well.


Imagine the disreputable inference that Mr. Duke, a Caucasian, agreed to take the leadership over that of a Black member? Shameful criticism of a good man and reason enough to say: “Are there any such successors to the late Lord Nickens?”


Frederick County is filled with good citizens, leaders, givers and doers. How exciting 2016 is going to be.


Kirby Delauter as vice president would help erase ill-memories of Spiro Agnew; “Her Worship” may be considering a statewide run; Mr. Otis could officially sign in as a Democrat; the News-Post could become a weekly; and Mr. Duke might elected chairman of the school board.


These are some sort of revelations for smart people to start singing Auld Lang Syne.


As a local restaurateur suggested: “Champagne and oysters for everybody.”


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