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December 22, 2015

Christmas Week is Finally Here

Harry M. Covert

There is nothing better than Christmas week. This is especially true on The Morning of the 25th as all the beautifully wrapped presents and candy galore takeover. Even before the steaming coffee arrives in our Holiday Mugs, stockings over the fireplace are raided with candies and treats all sorts.


It is in this motif when I think of lots of great friends, frenemies and acquaintances during a great time. Here’s a listing not any particular order:


Charlie Smith, Gaile Ashbury, Maury Hassett, Mike Fitzgerald, Roy Meachum, Allison Layman, Star Sparkman, Denise Pouget, Angela Brinkley-Morris, Cecil Taffer, Jim Kunkle, Adam Avery, Lee Parmenter, Elmer Chubb, Danny O’Connor, Dan Bongino, Dave Hughes, David Virtue, Dave Eigenbrode, Julie Wesolek;  and


Ian Markham, Bob Waltz, Greg Cox, Hayden Duke, Ken Timmerman, Vernon Miles, Jeanne Theismann, Steven Mauren, Raleigh Boaze, James Gordon Meek, Jefferson Davis, Barbara Fritchie, Farrell Keogh, Jill King, Wendi Peters, Bob Coulter, Linda Lawhorne, John Arundel, Dale Smith, Mondré Kornegay; and


John Romaine, Ed Semonian, David Baker, Patrick Grossman, Margaret Goodson, Jacqueline Levy, Scott Wash, Gene McGuire, Connie Maguigan, Mary Wadland, Mary Posey, Mary Virtue, Ray Thomas, Gordon Luff, Tim Pearson, Janet Barnett, Carol Siegel, Roger Taney, Antonin Scalia, Robert Giammittorio, Keyla Torres, Jim Suthard; and


Chuck Jenkins, Dana Lawhorne, Ron Lawhorne, Russell Griggs, Russell Delauter, Frank Fannon, Jim Waller, Arthur Hastings, Rita Haxton, Patricia Kelly, Hayden Duke, Mike McMorrow, Michael Cohen, Linwood Campbell, Deryl Edwards, Mike Lagano, Jane Marum Roush, Becky Moore, Connie Frogale, Joshua Smith; and


Walter Mills, Lucinda Audey, Michael Pope, Elmer Towns, Al Worthington, Ken Kellar, Pattee Brown, Cindy Rose, Joe Charlebois, Rick Weldon, Tom McLaughlin, Jack Topchik, George Wenschhof, Ken Jarvis, Steve Harvey, Steve Buscemi, Steve Berryman, Tim May, Chris Leibig, Ben Bowers; and


Kirby Delauter, Marion Elizabeth Rodgers, Bruce Atkinson, Billy Shreve, Brewster Hastings, Bill Kling, Don Crock, Lana Stearns, Clarence Tung, Dale Smith, David Rocco, Frank Milano, George Ball, Robert Jones, Richard Mollison, Earl Cook, Shari Bolouri, Jen Fifield, Amanda Hatcher, Don Davidson, Pierre Guillermin; and


Bill Euille, Hank Silverberg, Jeff Goldberg, Joan Aquilino, Mary Kimm, Marianne Diaz, Rocky Mackintosh, Pete McCarthy, Courtney Mabeous, Patti Mullins, Mike Powell, Bill Bolling, Larry Hogan, Ben Hogan, Linda Hogan, Willard Scott, Mark Lowry, Van Dalton, Butch Ward, Don Haddock, Claude Beheler, John Ashbury; and especially


To all the faithful unnamed readers of, who have made 2015 a good year, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and best wishes for 2016.


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