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As Long as We Remember...

December 10, 2015

Be Prepared Everyone

Harry M. Covert

Finally, a university president who shows some intestinal fortitude. In my own words without apology in today’s vernacular and easy to understand the description is plain and simple G U T S.


If a reminder is necessary, here it is. From San Bernardino two really Islamist radical terrorists came out of hiding as American citizens to indiscriminately and savagely kill 14 and wound 23 or so innocents.


The rest of this story is unfolding. The FBI, en masse, is well in charge of piecing together the events leading to what was called an active shooter matter.


Prior to this was the shooting in Colorado Springs at a Planned Parenthood facility where three people were killed including a policeman. Sure there are others that come to mind.


Typically the antigun crowd didn’t waste any time spouting their drivel. None has talked about the symptoms. The American Dumb Association is hard at work obfuscating the real trouble with the criminal acts.


Since the shootings at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007, classes in major institutions of higher learning have taught “active shooter” classes, how victims can defend themselves and escape the violent escapades.


Lots of schools at the collegiate level offer student classes on how to properly shoot hand guns and qualify for concealed carry weapon permit.


Who is the university president with G-U-T-S, common sense and leadership?


Unfortunately this executive is not from any Maryland school, but from the Old Dominion. That’s the Commonwealth of Virginia.


President and Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr., of Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia, instigated firearms training classes shortly after the Virginia Tech travesty. Lots of students enrolled.


Last week, President Falwell encouraged his students, both on and off campus, to obtain concealed carry permits. Lots of those young men and women have, and they are pretty good shots. Note: coeds are outstanding shooters and hit their targets.


Mr. Falwell, it may be noted, is a graduate of the University of Virginia Law School and quite a business and academic leader.


It should also be pointed out that Liberty University is the largest Christian university in the nation. After the terrorist attack in California, Chancellor Falwell said students should be prepared to defend themselves if terrorists dare invade the modern Liberty Mountain campus.


Naturally the current governor of Virginia, not from the tradition of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Harry Byrd, Sr., John Dalton and other stalwarts, criticized the Liberty president for urging his student to be prepared.


Mr. Falwell is no ninny. He doesn’t run and hide from matters, and the smart thing is he is truly smart. Taking up where his late father left off, Jerry Jr. has lead Liberty to incredible growth, some 15,000 students daily. Liberty graduates are distinguishing themselves all over the nation and world in media, politics, medicine and Christian schools and churches and public schools.


Not all of the shooting crimes and other felonies being reported around and about come from mental cases.


In Frederick County keep an eye on the drug problems, recent bank robberies, home invasions and all sorts of things, Marylanders should be allowed concealed carry permits to be prepared, not so much like boy scouts, but like strong-minded and determined good people who have the presences of mind to shoot quickly and shoot straight if and when they are attacked.


Imagine that last weekend a D.C. woman came up with a live hand grenade. Police got there. She was not a member of the American Grenade Association or Mensa.


The thought for this day must be alertness. If neighbors are seen stockpiling guns and ammunition, pipe bombs, well, for Heaven’s Sake call the authorities.


Damn political correctness. Banks and stores at the malls and downtowns should train their staff how to use pistols.


Why give in to the robbers and thieves? Education is important, and so is living. There are lots of self-defense and shooting classes hereabouts. Bulls-eyes are fun. So are concealed carry weapons.


Chancellor Falwell succeeded his dad the Rev. Dr. Chancellor Jerry Falwell, who died in 2007. Senior would be thrilled to see the growth and success of Liberty University’s leadership and students. He would merely grin knowing his students were educated and prepared for the world. And, carry.


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