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November 30, 2015

A Dangerously Misguided Regime

Ken Kellar

A Russian pilot is dead. He was killed by a Turkish pilot. Now leaders of NATO nations gather to address the problem – Russia.


So, how did Russia become a problem? I thought Hillary and a Russian ambassador hit the reset button?


It turns out the button’s Russian wording didn’t say “reset.” It said, “overcharge.” The button appears to have worked as our relationship with Russia is getting overcharged.


Let me digress for a moment. Imagine how many employees were hired to the State Department and other government agencies based solely, or in part, because of their Russian language skills. With all those Russian experts, the lady who wants to lead us all couldn’t manage to provide a high level gift with proper wording. Sloppy and stupid.


Back to the dead pilot. He was engaged in action over Syria which borders Turkey. Why?


Syria is a bit of a mess. It appears there are three major entities involved: Bashar al-Assad’s forces, rebels and ISIS forces. Another digression, notice about the only person using the term ISIL is our president and his advisers. Perhaps I’m being petty, but I find that practice evidence of his ignorance, disconnection from our nation and reverence of Islam over his own people.


I recall the hand-wringing when Assad started violently suppressing the protests in Syria. What to do to stop the violence? To me the answer was obvious, stop protesting. That would have ended it.


I wasn’t shocked by a dictator attacking protestors. That’s what dictators do. I thought our leaders were being a bit naïve or hypocritical. If we were tolerant of a dictator in peace, we should be fine when that dictator has to flex his muscle to maintain his power. Scorpions sting; dictators violently suppress.


Let’s imagine for a moment that we had a president who placed his nation and his nation’s people above all other interests. Imagine Egypt with Mubarak, Libya with Gaddafi and Syria with Assad. Each nation with a supreme leader. How convenient for diplomacy. One-stop shopping. Our nation establishes a relationship with one Libyan, one Egyptian and one Syrian, and we’re covered. That was how we handled those regions until this current Obama regime.


Our current president chose another path, one of naïve fantasy. Without authorization he took military action in Libya. By the way, all senior officers in the military who obeyed those orders to attack Libya should be fired and lose their pensions for they broke their oath to defend the Constitution. I challenge anyone to demonstrate how the War Powers Act authorized bombing Libya.


Back to the dead pilot. President Barack Obama chose sides in Syria. I don’t know if he is providing material support, but he is providing political support. His side is a poorly defined, nebulous group of rebels. Why are they rebelling? What are they fighting for? For all I know they are fighting for the right to circumcise 12-year-old girls and stone women caught in public without a male relative escort. I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t fighting for a Bill of Rights, at least not one like ours.


So, back to the dead pilot. Russia decided they would like a stable dictatorship in Syria. What a novel concept, eh? What could that lead to?


It could lead to Assad crushing ISIS. It could lead to a mitigation of the fanatical growth of Islamic hate and terror. It could lead to Syrians living in Syria rather than everywhere but Syria.


Look at the opportunity we squandered. Russia and the U.S. could have agreed on a common enemy, ISIS. We could have coordinated our actions to keep Assad (the enemy of our enemy) in power. “Vladimir, how’s ‘bout you bomb on Mondays and Wednesdays. We’ll take Tuesdays and Thursdays.”


Two fairly prominent historical figures chimed in on the subject. One was George Washington: “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world." Due to our permanent alliance with Turkey, we are dangerously drawn into the downing of the Russian pilot.


The second was Thomas Jefferson, who declared on his inauguration: "Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations – entangling alliances with none."


Keep in mind, he said, ALL nations and at that time they were mostly dictatorships, monarchies and other forms of totalitarian regimes.


A permanent alliance with one nation (Turkey), and condemnation of the Syrian dictatorship, defy the advice of Presidents Washington and Jefferson and place us at grave risk just as those noble men warned.


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