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November 26, 2015

Celebrating the Blessings

Harry M. Covert

This is a grand and glorious day for all, at least those fortunate enough to be blessed by residing in Frederick County, MD, other communities of the Free State and, the rest of the nation.


Just think of those prayers of thanks that will be emanating from lunch and dinner tables. Harvest time, thanksgiving, for everyone for they are certainly appropriate for today as the world is sure in hysteria.


The importance of this day gives everyone some time to rest, relax and express thanks to the Almighty for all the good things. Let’s face it, Frederick County and environs, have a lot to be grateful for in spite of all the political hassles getting all of the attention.


The free speech, free thoughts, free press and freedom of assembly are among the most blessed rights. It is troubling to see how non-believers of a Celestial Presence want to prevent non-heathens from expressing their acknowledgement of an All-Mighty God.


Philosemitism flows in my heart and mind as does allophilia. These are good and proper words that describe how the majority of Americans have believed since the beginning of the nation.


Today’s remembrances bring joy and happiness to one and all in a big way. This is mighty fine and recharges spirits in a solid and encouraging way.


The population does need some time to reflect and think about all of the blessings despite the battles rocking the very foundations of society. It doesn’t take a genius to understand the assaults on personal values knock us every day.


I saw the story where an elementary school was celebrating its 50 years of service. A local Christian pastor gave an invocation. As the local newspaper wrote, the pastor invoked the name of God. Imagine that! The minister asked for Divine Guidance “in fulfilling the tasks of education.” How dare he subject those children to such pleasant and uplifting words?


I’m the last writer to criticize a newspaper for coming up with the story. That’s the duty of the public prints – “to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” Advocacy journalism would simply take it another way like boohoo, crybabies and promote being respectful similar to reciting the pledge.


A pastor I knew a couple of years ago was called to pray at a bigtime luncheon with a wide varied list of guests -- Protestants, Catholics and Jews, even Unitarians. He ended his entreaty this way – “in the names of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Rachel, Ruth and Rebecca and the Lord Jesus, Amen.” The only thing he left out was passing the plate.


Well, all this complaining about public school prayers is stupid, bogus and getting old. Poll takers and statistics truly know that the vast majority of Americans are Believers, Christians of all sorts if you will. For this county and nation to relinquish its religious convictions and history is nothing short of blasphemous and un-American.


I wonder when the day will come when all those working overtime to demean churchgoers and Bible readers will attempt to stop prison chaplains from reading Scriptures as the doomed prisoner is walked to the execution room. No matter how bad and vicious the condemned may be preventing a last prayer won’t be heard.


Time has come to welcome some modern day fire-breathing men and women of the cloth to stand up and say “enough is enough” and put the “fear of God” back in the Land of Plenty.


So, Happy Thanksgiving and don’t forget Grace. Grace, you ask? Thanks for all that you enjoy – The Harvest.


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