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November 20, 2015

Hope on The Horizon

Joe Charlebois

Geo has cancer. It is curable but metastasizing. Last Friday he collapsed as a result of an attack on his heart. He is recovering, but he is still in pain. He is getting all types of advice from friends, family and physicians on how to proceed.


Geo’s lead physician Conduire par Derrière sees this latest attack as a setback. He feels that the continued strategy of containing the cancer and occasionally using targeted treatment to destroy the worst cells is not only working but despite the setback still believes that this is the best course of treatment and that it will just take time to see results.


Other physicians on staff have desired to pursue a much more aggressive treatment plan that takes on the cancer in full measures. Their plans have been dismissed by the lead physician as too risky. He feels that “overly aggressive” treatment plans would be putting the practice at risk.


Over the weekend Geo’s emergency room physician Dr. Cœur took action and immediately began to aggressively target the hot spots that led to the attack within Geo. The lead physician declined to treat Geo but did offer the results of the scans that showed where the cancer was. Dr. Derrière has resigned as Geo’s lead physician.


Of course, the world is suffering from the cancer that is radical Islamic terrorism. Without combating ISIS and al Qaeda militarily, politically and economically free people can never truly be free. Our nation has stood by for an unknown period of time with information to take out training camps and compounds run by ISIS in Syria and Northern Iraq but failed to act. Once the City of Lights was attacked so brutally by members of ISIS last Friday, the United States offered to help by offering the French a “menu” of targets to take out.


If it is true that the United States has been sitting on this intelligence for any period of time, it is truly a revelation of a failure to leadership. That means the Obama Doctrine of “containment” was a flat-out failure. Why would the U.S. stand by and let ISIS continue to grow and recruit? Who would let this happen? It is incomprehensible to most Americans and likely the French why the most powerful military in the world with likely the best intelligence would allow ISIS to flourish.


The strawman counter argument being proffered by those who hold steadfast to the administration is this: “We don’t want to be putting 50,000 American boots on the ground. Just imagine the cost in money and lives!”


Well, I have yet to hear anyone espouse that the United States should do such a thing – nor likely will it. We should be able to put together an air offensive that keeps ISIS and al Qaeda on the run. We need to take actions against any entity that provides financial support through the sale of captured oil. That means individuals and states.


Geo is sick, but there is hope that whoever is elected next November as President of the United States will immediately go to work on eradicating the cancer known as extreme Islamic terrorism.


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