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November 6, 2015

Council Briefs October 2015

Billy Shreve

Updates on what is happening in Jan’s World, the world as it exists under the “new” County Executive (CE) and County Council form of Government.


* * * * *


County Seizes Private Business … Nursing Home & Assisted Living Facility


County Executive Jan Gardner proved she is the 800-pound gorilla and you can’t fight the government.


After failing to pay Aurora Holdings the $3.25 million it was owed in May for caring for Frederick’s poor and indigent, and threatening to use Eminent Domain to sue Aurora to get the property and business, Aurora Holdings cried “Uncle.” Aurora made Jan an offer she couldn’t refuse and using taxpayer money, she bought it.


Taxpayers … you will soon own a nursing home and assisted living facility – AGAIN. With that you get to wade through the murky depths of Obamacare, the ever prevalent medical related lawsuits, and the lightning fast reimbursements from the federal government via Medicare and Medicaid.


No fear, Jan is here.


Although last time on her watch, she and Disco Doug (Browning) skated to an average loss of $3.3 million per year. This time she said she has a new plan. Sounds like she needs to call 1-800-GAMBLER. She is gambling with your hard earned tax dollars, and she is definitely addicted to spending your dollars. Still waiting, Jan! What’s the plan? Why will we be the only county in Maryland to own a healthcare facility?


* * * * *


Up in Smoke … County determines what farmers can and can’t grow


The largest business boom since the gold rush is medical marijuana. Medical cannabis (MC) is the proper term used by sophisticates. People from all over the country are flocking to Maryland to be part of the largest business boom in Maryland history.


The law was passed last winter in Annapolis. Applications for licenses opened in late September and are due November 6. Now Frederick County is the largest agriculture producing county in Maryland and the largest by size. One would think farmers in Frederick will be allowed to grow MC on Frederick County farms.




Under the county executive’s leadership, staff determined that MC cannot be grown on farms. It can be grown in office parks. That makes sense right? Not sure what they are smoking up there in that Ivory Tower, but it must be good. Next they are going to outlaw potatoes because they makes a mighty fine vodka.


Did you know Medical Marijuana in Maryland is not taxed? The only revenue the state gets will be from licensing fees. It’s not taxed because it is “Medicine.”


* * * * *


Ethics Task Force Chair called you Frednecks and unsophisticated …


In a really bizarre turn of events the chairman of the Ethics Task Force, the person appointed by the county executive to “reform” Frederick County ethics, sent a letter to The Washington Post and it was actually printed.


In that letter Linda Norris writes:


The newer citizens, people who have put Frederick County on the list of the fastest-growing counties, expect a high level of accountability for people elected to public office. The clash between the old culture and the new was especially pronounced in the term of the last Board of County Commissioners. Many of its actions, while technically within the law, violated the moral sensibilities of many citizens, especially those not considered “old Frederick — or Frednecks, as some locals proudly boast. Now that the county is under a new form of government, a charter, a professionalizing of many of the functions of government is occurring.”


As I read this, you “Frednecks” are less sophisticated and clashed with the new people that expect things to be more professional. HUH? I now know why she has lost so many elections … She is completely out of touch with reality. She must be smokin’ that stuff in that Ivory Tower.


Things need to change. You can make a difference. Get involved.


[Editor’s Note: Billy Shreve is a former County Commissioner and now represents Frederick County as a Councilman at Large. He can be reached at or 301-639-4763.]


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