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As Long as We Remember...

October 29, 2015

Feeling UBER Safe

Pattee Brown

While I wasn’t actually there, I imagine that on the 1st day commercial airlines opened to the public, a conversation between the guys who engineered trains went something like this…


“These “pilots” are going to put us out of business. Planes are so unsafe! These airlines shouldn’t be allowed to be in the business!”


And, I am pretty sure when the first telephone was installed in people’s homes, the guys who owned Western Union said something like…


“This Graham Bell fellow is taking money out of my kid’s mouths. They shouldn’t be allowed to do this. It’s ruining our industry and putting so many people out of business!”


Naturally, any new business that threatens to change the landscape of any given industries’ status quo, results in someone feeling they are being cheated and wanting someone (perhaps even the government) to step in and stop the culprits from taking away their comfort.


But the thing is… threatening that comfort is the very foundation of our capitalist economy. And knowing someone (even you) can come up with an innovation that can/will change the landscape of any given industry is what makes living in this country so very exciting; and what gives all people, no matter who they are, the belief that they can change the world. Without that hope/belief, innovation and inspiration would be dead.


So, when the people who developed UBER took their idea and put it on the open market, they were, in fact, embracing the American dream. They found a way to get around a restriction in an industry that has forever been regulated by our government and created a “ride sharing” APP for their smart phone that allows people to reach out to other people and “grab a ride” somewhere without the government having anything to do with it.


Woohoo! Good for them!


But those who are effected – those who don’t like that UBER has stepped into their comfort zone – now argue that the government should regulate UBER in the name of ‘safety.” They argue we need the government to regulate UBER to protect the welfare of the masses. To this I offer my most profound response of “THAT’S SUCH CRAP!”


I am a grown woman, who is more than able to decide for myself if I want to use UBER, or if I prefer to use a taxi. I can decide if I think the regulations imposed by our government will protect me or not. And if I decide I prefer to use UBER, and I find their screening process more than adequate, and I find it costs me so much less to take UBER… the government should have nothing to do with me making that choice.


The truth is, UBER found a way to get around our governments very intrusive involvement in private industry. Personally I think that’s a great thing. Further, the idea that any politician, local or otherwise, would consider trying to regulate this new innovation is offensive to me. UBER beat the system fair and square. I say we should appreciate their efforts and congratulate them for living the American Dream.


I feel UBERSAFE ride sharing with UBER, and that’s MY choice to make.


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