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February 18, 2004

Now What?

Blaine R. Young

I’m in the so-called “Black Book”. Now what?

The courts have spoken and the “Black Book,” as The Frederick News Post has dubbed it, is available to the media and public. Okay, now what?

Sure, there are the gossip and rumors. Are the names that are in there really the people we think they are? Copies have made the rounds across the county and state. But the question remains: Now What?

The glamour behind the story was blackmail and cover-up. But the Office of the Maryland Special Prosecutor came to the conclusion that there was neither blackmail nor cover-up some time ago. Okay, Now What?

The only thing left to do is to print the names so everyone can have a chance to talk about their neighbors and imagine what may or may not really be true. That would be wrong!

The so-called “Black Book” started with me and should end with me. It was always about my support of former Frederick Chief of Police Regis R. Raffensberger. I would not vote to fire him because of one bad decision, if you want to call it that.

So, on the first week back on the job from vacation he/we get hit with the so-called “Black Book” that was allegedly used for blackmail. And there were allegations of a cover-up to protect “public officials” whose names were in the book. This all came about at a community meeting and was brought to light by the former head of the local chapter of the NAACP.

The index card that had my name, which was seized by the police during the raid on the madam’s business was copied by police officers and ended up in the hands of The Frederick News-Post. It was no accident. It was done because of my support of the chief, which I still do not regret.

Chief Raffensberger is gone, the two captains are gone. We have a new mayor. The president of the NAACP who made the allegations in the first place is gone. Reporter Steve Miller left The Frederick News-Post. And I’m no longer an elected official.

Okay, now what?

Was there a grand conspiracy? No! But this is the “Black Book.” It can’t end like this! Or can it? Only time will tell and only if you want to deal with fact or fiction.

Oh! I almost forgot! You want to hear my story. Sorry, it’s not going to happen. I’m not going to break down with Barbara Walters. I will tell the story to those that have a right to know - my wife, my children when they are old enough, my family, and my close friends.

Also, to answer a couple of questions that has been asked of me over the past three years: I was not married at the time; I did offer my resignation to then Mayor Jim Grimes and he would not accept it; I have apologized to the public for the unfortunate bad press that this has brought our town.

I may run for public office again one day.

But still, when all is said and done - NOW WHAT?

When will we move on? Probably not anytime soon because, to too many people, this is more fun.

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