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October 15, 2015

Running With Scissors

Patricia A. Kelly

You’ve heard of the T shirt. The alternative is “Plays Well with Others.” I’m sorry to say, fellow conservatives, many of you are going to have to wear “Running with Scissors,” and, on your heads, a dunce cap.


Our world, and our American society, has changed, and there’s no going back. Time to take a deep breath and accept that we have a diverse society, and I’m not talking about race and ethnicity here as much as people with different views. Yes, there are honest liberals out there, and moderates, not to mention “conservatarians” like me, in elected office; and you are going to have to work with them somehow, or the sideshow now running in the Republican Party will continue until the train runs off the cliff.


What a shame it would be if we end up with an entitled, patronizing, pro-establishment, unethical president in 2016. That’s exactly what you are asking for.


Our political system is complicated, the workings of Congress no exception. In order to effect meaningful and positive change, you must work within it, working to make needed system changes.


It’s appalling that your zealotry and intransigence regarding what should be personal issues are risking everything.


There are not enough of you to win nationally! You’re betraying even your supporters when you fail to get this.


It’s about the government, not your religion, your views on marriage, immigration, abortion, “lazy-assed” welfare recipients, “Mexican rapists,” or transgender people. It’s not about members of your own party not being conservative enough.


It’s about making the government work.


It’s about bringing core American values forward into a changing world.


We must begin where we are. No pounding of gavels or screaming epithets can change that.


Our country is seething with anger, on both sides. Where is reason? Where is the real work on finding solutions?


We’re a place people want to live because of the results of the core values expressed in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Let’s go there, and stay there.


Liberals, always flaunting their “Do Good for All through Big Government” banners, are having a field day; and those of us who want the United States to be a place of freedom and opportunity are being lost in your ideological wars.


Our society is identifying conservative, hardworking, Caucasian Christians with you, and turning against them. I hold you educated, well read, and supposedly knowledgeable legislators and self-serving pundits accountable for this.


Trey Gowdy has done an excellent job on the Benghazi hearings, but you have given power to those who want to avoid the search for reasonable answers to important, long unanswered questions.


There are reasonable solutions already proposed for our immigration problem, including not only border security but revising our present legal immigration laws. They are being ignored in the screaming match about deporting millions of people. Maybe we should deport some people and maybe not, but it certainly wouldn’t do any good to deport people who can come right back in.


If you stopped screaming for a moment, you might take on Sanctuary Cities and selective law enforcement instead. But no, you can’t even find a Speaker of the House without trashing good people such as Paul Ryan, and others capable of negotiating.


I need to live in a society where government is cautious about spending, respectful of the taxpayers who fund it, and committed to a balanced budget.


I need to know my borders are secure, and immigrants accounted for. I need to see serious focus on the proper role of government, both federal and state.


I need a fair tax system, and serious IRS reform.


I need to live in a country where people of all ethnicities and religious beliefs are encouraged to unite as one people, with a common language, who have freedom to express themselves and their beliefs, within the law.


I need to see real, compassionate proposals for assisting the helpless, and creating a space for achievement for those suffering from discrimination and lack of opportunity.


The people charged with safeguarding my rights are slinging mud instead of putting their country above their personal beliefs. As Ben Carson so rightly states, people of any religion who would put it above the constitution don’t qualify to lead us.


It’s past time for the Republican Party to unite around the true core values of the United States of America, and become the party of “How” rather than the party of “No.”


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