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October 6, 2015

How to End Gun Violence?

Harry M. Covert

The matter of gun violence is of great concern everywhere. It should be. In these days of everything goes in personal conduct, the first thing anti-gunners jump on are good citizens who value their guaranteed rights to ownership.


Students, teachers and administrators are not safe anywhere it seems and there is tremendous cause for alarm, fear and some kind of protection.


There’s no doubt government has a responsibility to do something. There are no better protectors anywhere than the men and women of the Frederick Sheriff’s Office and the numerous agencies throughout the county.


But, something is missing in the approach to halt, cure and end the unprovoked killings everywhere. I don’t even get angry when the president politicizes the situation.


Think for a moment. Do any law enforcement agencies, elected and career leaders really ever come up with a solid, workable plan to halt murders, assaults, robberies with any kind of weapon? Check out local, state and federal jails and prisons.


There is no law, no code, no deputy, no U.S. marshal, no FBI agent, no mayor, no governor, and no president who can do anything but talk about the devastating results by people who just kill because they have a revolver or automatic pistol, a machete, knife or some other weapon.


It would be something if the time ever comes when evil in the hearts and minds of men, women, boys and girls can be predetermined. No psychiatrist, doctor, college president, public or private educator, or anyone else, can look inside the brain and say: “He, she or it” is going to be a shooter.


Debate on gun ownership, concealed carry permits, the Second Amendment is truly moot when the only answer from opponents, growling about gun possession, is to make them illegal.


Politicians of the liberal left-wing persuasion keep spouting nonsense that taking away guns and peace will return.


Truly it is wretched that so many young people and old, too, have their lives snuffed out so egregiously. Usually when the mad men pull off the unthinkable, they are cowards first class and kill themselves before facing officials.


No murderer is a martyr


The recent mass killings in Oregon are horrifying. No one wants to make the murderer a martyr. The sheriff handling the case won’t mention the shooter’s name. That’s admirable. But the nation needs to know who he was, not to give him attention, but to examine what caused him to be so mentally unfit.


Handguns are not the only weapons that kill or maim. Visit emergency medical facilities and see other weapons physicians, medics and nurses face.


It is troubling for all to see the crime and criminals so prevalent.


So, what’s the answer? That’s the hard part of the whole matter. Tough talk from authorities categorically doesn’t work, except to gather public attention and create feel-good programs and money raising en masse.


Changing hearts and minds doesn’t begin in the adult stage of life. Teaching right and wrong begins at birth, starting with mommas and poppas who determine the path to healthy living.


Pastors, teachers, educators, doctors, lawyers, coaches, even media types, are accountable for developing good citizens.


None of the progressives or others railing against guns, small or big, ever address the real problem. That problem is changing lives of hurting people one at a time.


The solution is elementary. Too many don’t want to teach personal values in public schools because, they say, range free lifestyles are okay. No religiosity is necessary in this day and age, let people just do whatever and whenever they want. “No rules, just right.” Cute. Dirty talking, loose lifestyles, widespread drug use and no values. They’re everywhere.


Strengthening families is a key; spiritual training is vital. Those who don’t believe in anything have nothing to live for.


Think about the ongoing shootings, illegal guns and murders in the big cities – Baltimore, Chicago, New York, or you pick them – the big talk hasn’t accomplished anything successful, except more murders.


If and when the day comes that minds can be read and thoughts learned in advance, perhaps an effective answer can be found. People aren’t arrested for their thoughts. Most everyone knows this and it is good.


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