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As Long as We Remember...

October 5, 2015

Quarterbacking for Monday

Harry M. Covert

There are some mighty good reasons for Monday morning quarterbacking. Usually this is left to sportswriters, sportscasters and sports fans.


Sporting events and political activities have a lot in common and can be described as ambidextrous.


How incredible it was Saturday night to watch the $210 million pitcher-hornswoggle batters and come away with his second no-hitter of the year. Max Scherzer pulled it off in New York. Awesome beyond measure.


Earlier in the day, the phenom smacked his 42nd homer and is headed for the most valuable player in the National League.


Of course, the performances were a joy to watch. Lots of the modern day critics who have never played in a minor or major league game like to say stupid things like the 22-year-old Bryce Harper hasn’t learned to play the game. That needs a recheck of the statistics. Then there’s the castoff pitcher from Philadelphia, just banished for the final games for fighting and trying to choke Mr. Harper.


Jonathan Papelbon, forgive mentioning his name, is a fortunate soul in this instance. Mr. Harper was off balance. He could have knocked out the right-hander. But Bryce was a true victim.


All of this leads to talk about the brouhaha of last Tuesday’s Frederick County Council meeting. I watched it, too. I did think the snotty comments from executive representatives and the county attorney were impertinent. Honestly, the Doug Browning and John Mathias reactions to two council members were brusk and discourteous. I’m being nice with these words.


How council members Kirby Delauter and Bill Shreve held their tongues is to be admired. Emails have been something else. It wouldn’t have been surprising if an altercation usually seen in foreign legislative bodies had occurred.


It is rather concerning that such hatefulness and unprofessional conduct is becoming so evident in Winchester Hall.


Numerous correspondents were angered by the executive’s minions. Suggestions were quite vivid that belts to the nose would have been appropriate.


The matter involved the threat of eminent domain by the county executive to undo the sale of the Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center and Montevue Assisted Living. The sale was approved by the previous board of county commissioners.


For the record, taking care of the county’s poor and indigent and elderly is the job of the county. It should be done with dignity, fiscal responsibility and kindness.


The conduct of county leadership and the staff is to be questioned.


The fact that Mr. Delauter and Mr. Shreve kept their wits despite the disrespect accorded them is to be admired. They may well be in the minority, but they are elected and deserve to be treated professionally as the leaders they are.


Lots of politicos live by the rule to the victor goes the spoils. But there should be reasonable public courtesy. Obviously the reporting fraternity likes nothing better than a little public fighting, physical and otherwise. Me, too. Sure gives us something to write.


Consider if Mr. Harper had eviscerated his attacker in the dugout. And he could have. He would have been the object of scorn. Heck, Bryce needn’t worry about a disreputable player. Consider for a moment if the famed Billy Martin of the Yankees, or Tyrus Cobb of the Tigers, or Boog Powell of the Orioles had been attacked in their dugouts?


Consider again the insolence of the Browning-Mathias responders? I don’t recommend fisticuffs in the county council proceedings, of course. What a grand story it would be had a council member, duly elected, sworn in and responsible had bloodied the face of one or two of the panel members?


Many readers and watchers would get a vicarious thrill at such episodes.


All right, this is not nice. Times have changed, though facts are facts. There’s always next year for professional ball players and always another election in Frederick County. The latter will be a doozie.


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