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October 2, 2015

The “Jackass” from Texas – Senator Cruz

Joe Charlebois

Ted Cruz, the junior senator from Texas, has few friends in Washington. He does things his way, and that irks leadership. He is a true constitutional lawyer, who actually believes in the U.S. Constitution, and that irks nearly everyone inside the beltway.


Senator Cruz, a stickler for the law, has at times had to fight against the administration, the Democrats and even his own party. Outside of Sen. Mike Lee (R., UT), Sen. Cruz has fought many of his battles alone. He is principled. He does not compromise on fundamental issues while others do so routinely. For this he is castigated more so by his own party than those of the opposition party.


He has embarrassed the GOP leadership. He has done so by pointing out where they are weak, inept, and uncommitted to true conservative principles. With the recent history of passing numerous budgetary measures that have included funding for the Affordable Care Act, the president’s amnesty plans, continued funding for Planned Parenthood, as well as approval for lifting sanctions on Iran, he has unequivocally exposed how the Republicans have capitulated to the minority each and every time.


Senator Cruz has been demeaned, mocked and called insincere. He’s been called a “jackass” by members of his own party. He’s a phony according to Mark Salter – former chief of staff to Sen. John McCain (R., AZ). In a recent column for Real Clear Politics, Mr. Salter mockingly congratulated Senator Cruz for bringing consensus to the Senate by using the example of the body’s refusal to allow the senator to extend his remarks in a recent speech.


Senator Cruz is ambitious. He is a first-term senator from Texas. He is 44-years old. He has been the solicitor general of Texas and has had several opportunities to go before the Supreme Court of the United States to defend the State of Texas, and, yes, he is running for president.


It has been a while since a senator shook up the establishment as much as Ted Cruz has – and they don’t like it.

Imagine the U.S. Senate as stodgy old country club that accidentally let in an “unruly” member. The new junior member, Mr. Cruz, arrives; he heads to the poolside locker room, changes into his swimming trunks, heads out to the pool deck amidst awkward glances, dives into the cool water and begins to swim laps in the pristine Olympic size pool.


After he is done he emerges from the pools and towels off while all of the other members stand back in horror. “You aren’t supposed to swim in the pool Ted – it’s just there for show! If you want to remain a member in good standing and receive any support from us in the future, you will do as we do here. Understood?”


The senator from Texas didn’t run for the Senate to stand by and go along to get along. He wanted to bring true constitutional conservative principles to Washington.


The problem is that a large majority of the “inside the beltway” crowd has no interest in doing what is constitutional – or conservative – as it doesn’t advance their agenda – the agenda of money and power, which is why he is despised on both sides of the aisle, and loved by true conservatives.


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