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September 23, 2015

Divines in the Congress

Harry M. Covert

With respect at mid -week where we normally have a travelogue, all eyes and journeys focus today on the Nation’s Capital. Supposedly everybody will be on their best behavior even if fingers are crossed behind their backs.


Consider that tomorrow the Bishop of Rome, Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, speaks to a joint session of the American Congress and then meets with the president of the United States.


The 266th pontiff, now officially Pope Francis, has set the world afire and described as the People’s Pope.


It’s probably a good thing to North Americans that the South American will be saying a few words to the Capitol Hill solons. The latter need all the help they can get and a few prayers may just be the answer.


In the midst of the Pope’s historic visit, babblers everywhere continue stirring up ill feelings about other faiths heretofore not considered in the main stream.


As has been mentioned previously by this scribbler, the basic tenets of the U.S. of A are based on the Judeo-Christian historical ethics. Today the intrusion on the traditionally faithful must accept Islam – or be otherwise described as bigots and or dogmatists of rather hateful citizenry.


There is no secret that Christianity has been under assault for many years, particularly from left-wingers and heathens of all sorts.


Pope Francis does have some unpleasant ideas regarding the capitalistic society, but he represents billions of Catholics all over the world. Catholics and Christians are tickled overwhelmingly with the visit. Me, too.


Divine intervention is needed in the halls of power in Washington for sure. During these days of the presidential campaign, combat is sure evidence the Pope is visiting at the right time and the mixing of church and politics isn’t an alien subject. It’s been going on for years in various segments of the country.


One candidate for president said this week he would oppose any Muslim practitioner from the presidency. He’s merely saying what most Americans think and feel. We can point out there are two bonafide Islamists in the U. S. House of Representatives.


The chaplain of the Senate is a Seventh Day Adventist; his House colleague is a Jesuit priest.


In 2010 and 2013, Muslim clerics opened congressional sessions with their incantations. Little or no attention was given to these events.


The point of this column today is the nation is rather diverse – in terms of faith. Certainly, it is guaranteed by the Constitution. But to hear lots of critics, people of faith everywhere are intolerant, bigoted and hurtful to the nation. Hogwash immeasurably.


The pandering by most all of the candidates is nothing short of disgusting. They are selling their souls for votes. All right, this is nothing new.


Let’s go back to His Holiness, Pope Francis. No matter what religious persuasion readers may have, Pope Francis can well bring some stability to the national character. It is about time with all of the murderous and unlawful conduct rampant.


Perhaps the Pope’s message will include words of the Gospel more so than politics. After all, he is the spiritual leader for many.


Many other faith leaders have made differences in the lives of the nation now in its 239th year. History tells us the names of people like Roger Williams, Billy Sunday, Noman Vincent Peale, Peter Marshall, Elder Solomon Lightfoot Michaux, Virginia’s John Romaine, Philadelphia’s David Virtue, Frederick’s Randy White, Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, Frederick’s Maurice Dunbar Ashbury. A legendary list indeed.


Viva il Papa. Mazel tov.


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