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September 16, 2015

The Astonished Majority Awakens

Harry M. Covert

The words silent majority have been designated as offensive in some idiotic encounters. Actually, the definition of those words truly means the astonished majority, and it seems this political correctness could well be reaching the end of the line.

The astonished citizenry is watching and listening – and eagerly. All the alleged smart people, who like to tell others how to live and speak correctly, are in panic mode. They should be in every community and state.

There are so many quiet and dignified citizens who prefer to raise their families, enjoy their work and live by local, state and federal ordinances. These grand people dislike the fear mongers, no-nothings and those similar people. That’s exactly what we’re facing today, and the current political race uplifts the spirit.

No doubt change is underway right before the public’s very eyes. It is rather thrilling, attention-getting, and the astonished majority is readying a new America.

Remember the days when the Moral Majority put the fear of God in the old time politicos back in the late 70s and 80s? That brought bewilderment analogous to the present day success of Donald J. Trump and Bernard “Bernie” Sanders.

The pundits are at a loss as to the success of these men. In reality, a majority of so-called experts want them to fall flat on their faces. And try to belittle Mr. Trump for trumpeting what the real people are thinking and wanting. Senator Sanders at the same time is making his way in and making a sincere accomplishment.

Admit, both Mr. Trump and Mr. Sanders have breathed great fresh air into the national (and international) consciousness. It is about time.

This is not a mere breeze. The movement is a typhoon. Those persons thinking about political careers, and who may try to resurrect their speechifying style, are taking notes. Some professor will create a college course explaining just how the Astonished Majority materialized.

Imagine candidates using the word stupid describing those in offices at all levels. Such a word in days of yore would be considered injudicious and probably ignored.

One of the good things about columny, not calumny mind you, is there is no voting or penalty for being write or wrong. Naturally, this space is exempt from consequence – except from an editor.

Both of these men are laying out their feelings and opinions for all to see and hear.

Throughout the Free State, that’s Maryland for newcomers, and communities of Frederick County, discussions are everywhere echoing exact sentiments of the non-governmental threateners.

Senator Sanders’ appearance this week at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, ought to be an omen for all citizens.

A new nation is en route. Left-wingers, and those daring to destroy the world’s greatest nation, should be paying attention and be prepared.

What Mr. Trump and Mr. Sanders have accomplished and are accomplishing have awakened the Astonished Majority. The latter, despite what critics may think and want to say, are not illiterate or morons. No longer can opposers enjoy the status quo of their world-wide indifference, and welcoming of those who want to ruin and destroy the country.

It will be fun tonight to watch the Left Coast imaginary debate. Perhaps Frederick County will be a battlefield of new ideas and new combatants.


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