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September 14, 2015

Another Night to Remember?

Harry M. Covert

By all rights the conversation today probably should be about local politics. The goings on in Winchester Hall continue to develop with spreading underground discontent. Murmurs keep spreading that the county executive continues spending at will.

At the same time the council president continues questionable leadership amid dissident rumors of two-timing his past and present supporters.

The hometown partisanship grows as the Democrats on one side and the Republicans on the other face intraparty discord.

Keeping eyes and ears open, it is impossible to ignore the national presidential debate. The unexpected brawl underway among the Grand Old Party continues Wednesday night in Simi Valley, California, at the shrine of Ronald Reagan, 40th president, just in case you have forgotten the count.

Astonished Americans seem to be jumping with joy at the prospect of another battle royale with the combatants trying to figure out how the good old boys can overtake the outsiders.

One wag suggested the campaign advisors, experts, wizards and bull shiners are attempting to warn their favorites “not to go into the battle of wits half-armed.” Lots of people have tried to take credit for that bon mot. It is not copyrighted, but it perfectly fits the situation

It will be interesting to watch whether the leading contender for the GOP nomination will continue his bombastic, narcissistic and entertaining bid. Face it, he has stunned the political world, made it worth following and keeping voters of all classes eager for more.

As Gen. George Patton is quoted: “All real Americans love to fight.” There is some question as to the popularity of this thought, except of course, if talk is about sporting events. Or further, if communities of all sorts want to win in the battle over managing criminal activity. Almost every day of late, far too many political activists and elected leaders consider “evil is really live spelled backwards.”

Just as most residents of Frederick County prefer to keep quiet about their objections to the executive management going on, feelings of discontent are raging. Were it possible under the new charter government, recall maneuvers would be gracing the news. There would likely be new personages in the hot seats.

While media people of all sorts have their opinions, so called expert delineations and slants on the lineups of both parties seem to be ignorant and totally blind at the ongoing anger of Americans toward their national leaders who strut around the Capitol acting as they’re the only people who know how to lead.

How refreshing it is for Mr. Reagan’s legions to assert themselves. The experts, except for the University of Virginia’s Larry Sabato, seem to have been out of touch for a long time. It’s not just on the Conservative Republican side, but also the Progressive Democratic side.

Did anyone a few months ago ever give thought to the bombastic Mr. Trump’s soaring to the “greatest” of the pack? Or that incredible growth by a soft spoken and dignified neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson. And then Californian Carly Fiorina grabbing the spotlight so quickly.

Who can forget the incredible change in the Democratic Party process? It was expected that Hillary R. Clinton would just receive her party’s nomination by acclamation. Suddenly, unexpectedly 74-year-old Vermont junior senator, Bernie Sanders, independent and proud socialist, decided to seek the Democratic nomination. Remember the guffaws. Today, he’s caught fire and is a threat to stop the Clinton machine.

And, just in case Mizz Hillary falls victim to some legal strictures, an early morning visit from federal agents, Vice President Biden is waiting (and plotting) in the wings.

How many times of late have we heard that Mr. Trump-Dr. Carson-Ms. Fiorina will not be the GOP nominee; that Jeb Bush, No. 3, is going to be the chosen one?

How many times of late have we heard that neither Mr. Sanders nor Mr. Biden will not be the Demos nominee; that Mizz Hillary will be crowned queen?

No time in that past century has a presidential campaign been so energetic, so watchable, so entertaining, so irreverent and so expensive. In the current partisan battles, they will be costing donors some $2.5 billion (with a capital B). Mr. T, (that’s Mr. Trump, of course) is excusing supporters for kicking in. He has his own air force at the ready, a 747, an executive jet or two and helicopters.

For local consumption, the Trump helicopter stopped by Frederick Municipal Airport. No, it wasn’t to check out Camp David, soon to be Camp Trump in all probability. The visit was to refuel. The crew was not from Marine One. They did sign autographs and allowed a local contractor to take a few pictures. You read it here first. It is the truth.

One more thing, if a spat continues over who has a stronger faith on the GOP side, Mr. Trump could use a quick verse, “Jesus wept”, John 11:35. Dr. Carson could use “keep your heart with all diligence”, Proverbs 4:23. Ms. Fiorina, consider, “there is a time for everything” from Ecclesiastes 3.

For the progressives, “Let …women keep silence …: for it is not permitted unto them to speak.” (1 Cor. 14:34). I’ve got to meddling here. On this, I may have to apologize, but partisan politics can be fun. Amen!


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