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As Long as We Remember...

September 10, 2015

Malfeasance or Principle?

Harry M. Covert

At the very moment the Honorable Kim Davis figuratively expectorated – spit – in the face of a federal judge, she was headed to jail.

The incarceration was for contempt of court. Almost immediately the fund-raising apparatus in all quarters of the religious and political communities was underway. Computerized printing presses, electronic mail, and what is called social media, began foaming at high speed, railing against unfair and unconstitutional attacks on the nation’s religious liberty.

The battle was under way bigtime with all the lofty people claiming foul; that Christians of all persuasions were under attack by the federal government, and that the fundamentalists and evangelical communities are in dire straits.

From Rowan County, Kentucky, several issues are exploding because a U.S. District Court judge held an elected Clerk of Courts in contempt. Clerk Davis opposes issuing same-sex marriage licenses because of religious convictions. In actuality the fight is moot for the clerk; and, until she agrees to follow the federal law, she will remain in jail. She is standing on her Christian principle; paying the price; and will stay confined until complying with federal law.

(UPDATE: Kim Davis was ordered released from jail Tuesday by the federal judge with the firm proviso she will not interfere with the issuance of same sex marriage licenses in Rowan County, Kentucky.)

The judge, by the way, a Republican appointee, is doing his duty, following the law whether he or we agree with the abominable same-sex marriage law, affirmed by the Supreme Court in June. This is not popular throughout Christian circles. Neither was the courts disallowing public prayers before public high school sporting events.

By all that is holy, these stances by Ms. Davis, a Democrat, and Judge David Bunning, are probably choking. First, Christian principles are good everywhere except in public offices. The judge has the upper hand and everything going his way whether he agrees or not. Believers who follow the Scriptures can only put up with the situation.

This bureau believes the nation was founded on Judeo Christian ethics. As the creeping and pervasive Islamists keep moving into the nation, they have a different and dangerous thought on dealing with same-sex couples. The penalties are fatal. First the violators are thrown off rooftops. If there is a survivor, a stoning commences with big, big rocks. Not pleasant, but true.

Despite what opponents may think, the practicality of American law is, forgive me, same-sex couples of both genders – I’m not including transgenders in this treatise – must be accommodated by clerks of courts everywhere. Pastors of all sorts don’t have to perform marriage exercises in their facilities, unless they’ve “seen the light” of modern day American life. Lots of clerks issue same-sex marriage licenses while symbolically holding their noses. Who wants to – or can – fight the feds? Don’t be silly.

Problems arising out of the Kentucky brouhaha make good news copy. Who can deny that traditional values and modern day thought and morality are on the road to the netherworld? Thanks to Kim Davis, the current presidential campaign has another issue; she has fired up denominations and preachers and their flocks. And, money raising gets on the front burner and perhaps the snail mail will have a benefit. Well-meaning protestors and supporters will drive the pollsters crazy.

Be on the alert in mail boxes and email. The “Cough-up America” professionals are on the move. Thanks to Clerk Kim, some coffers will be filled and refilled quickly. Nothing will be changed to take away the stench of same-sex marriage, or the jailing of an innocent like Ms. Davis who means well.

The current crop of electeds in the House, Senate and POTUS and SCOTUS don’t have the will or desire to placate Christians everywhere and change the law. The federal judge involved in the Kentucky maelstrom truly had no choice but to uphold the law. Had he not done so, the leftists and so-called progressives would have been demanding impeachment? Everybody loves the law when it’s on their side and hates the law when it goes against them.

It is nice to know that Clerk Davis has deep-felt Christian beliefs. After being fairly elected, she swore and promised to uphold the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and, here’s the catch, also the Constitution and laws of the United States.

We all know there are always miscarriages of justice. I stand firm on religious freedom and liberty. Unfortunately the bottom line for Ms. Davis is simple. Her get out of jail card is simple; follow the laws of her state and country. No one can decide which laws to obey.

There is another solution for the Honorable Kim Davis. Relinquish the clerkship, if she refuses to obey the law she has sworn to uphold, right or wrong.

In the present state of political conversation there are more important issues facing American citizens. Where are we if those elected don’t follow laws? At present the Davis Case is more like malfeasance.


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