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August 28, 2015

Planting the Seeds of Discontent

Joe Charlebois

You reap what you sow. The Republican leadership is learning that old lesson the hard way. After years of abdicating their role as the loyal opposition, they created a vacuum that is being filled in a way they never could have imagined.

GOP leadership, which has consistently bemoaned the fact that they were powerless to do anything because we aren't in the majority or didn't have the votes, proved to their base that they were more interested in maintaining their power structure than they were in standing up for constitutional principles.

When President Barack Obama was first elected, the leadership claimed impotence. "We don't have the House. We don't have the Senate. We don't have the White House or the Supreme Court. Elect us and we will stop the president's radical agenda."

Two years later the conservative base delivered the House of Representatives to the GOP, and the House promptly elected John Boehner (OH) as the Speaker.

Once in charge they feebly attempted to turn back the progressive agenda the promise to halt. Republicans voters delivered the House but the leadership couldn't deliver its promise.

"We don't have the Senate, White House or the Supreme Court. We are just one-third of the federal government" was the excuse that the leadership would use to deflect their inaction and inability to fight the opposition party.

In 2014 voters delivered a majority of the Senate to the GOP. Mitch McConnell became the Senate's Majority Leader putting the Republicans in firm control of both bodies that make up the U.S. Congress.

Since taking over the House and now the Senate, GOP leadership has made a point to punish any Republican who dares take a hardline constitutional approach that in any way strays from the moderate to liberal point of view that the current leadership and White House share.

You can only ignore the people for so long before they rebel. They are tired of the nonsense in Washington. They are tired of being ignored. Now there are a few voices that are responding to the discontent sown by the GOP leadership and their blatant indifference.

In the early stages of the Republican primary, the voters are looking to deliver a message. Nowhere is this more evident than in the polls. Billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump is leading most polls. He has far exceeded any and all pundit expectations.

The core of conservative voters have been looking for true conservative leadership for decades. Their message is simple. Listen to us! Someone has and is listening. Mr. Trump is brashly talking about issues heretofore taboo. He is addressing border security, the debt, excessive regulations, taxes and trade issues.

The majority of conservatives have wanted GOP leadership to act on border security.

Mr. Trump may be too much for some, but he is striking a chord that hits home with many conservatives. He is filling the vacuum that the current leadership has created over years of moderation and through their inactions to fight for things that matter.

The seeds were sown years ago. I just don't think this is what the GOP leadership thought they were planting.


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