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August 7, 2015

Behind the Curtain at Planned Parenthood

Joe Charlebois

The greatest impact in the devaluation of life over the past several decades has been abortion. Since Roe v. Wade was decided by the Supreme Court of the United States over 50 million abortions have been performed in the United States allowing a culture of death to pervade our American culture.

A large percentage of Americans have grown up in a country where abortion has always been a legal way to terminate a pregnancy. It has become second nature for those same younger Americans to expect it as part of the way society operates. The overall acceptance of abortion – even by pro-life Americans – is due to the ability of the proponents of abortion in their goal to normalize the procedure. They have successfully framed the debate and language in ways that minimize the horrors of abortion.

The pro-choice crowd has used terms such as “safe, legal and rare,” tissue, unviable and cell mass to hide the facts. Abortions are anything but rare. A fetus is much more than just tissue or a mass of cells. A child in the womb is viable much sooner than they would lead you to believe.

In mammals, fetuses are defined as the unborn that have attained the “basic structural plan” of their kind. In human reproduction, offspring move from the embryonic stage of development to a fetus after only eight weeks. At that point the fetus then continues to develop all of the organs necessary to survive outside of the womb. In fact, science has improved to a point where a child born in the United Kingdom in 2008 is alive and currently thriving after being born just 21 weeks and six days into gestation. That is just a little more than half-way through a normal pregnancy.

In the past few weeks an organization called the Center for Medical Progress – which in a group of investigative journalists – released a series of controversial videos that reveal the truth of what happens within the abortion industry under the name of research. They have pulled back the curtain on a grisly industry that for decades has been purposely hidden from view. The inconvenient truth revealed by these videos is that the slaughter of the unborn seems to be less about providing healthcare choices for women and instead is a calculated and cold business that has been exposed for what it is – murder in the name of science and money.

Understandably proponents of abortion are attacking the messenger and calling the videos a hoax, fake or edited in a way that portrays something entirely different.

These videos are no hoax. Errol Louis, a CNN political commentator describes these videos as a “hoax.” They are anything but a hoax. The doctors and administrators interviewed by CMP are actual leaders in the procurement of fetal organs. They do sell the organs from the fetal remains of abortions. The same doctors and administrators have admitted to coaching clinicians to modifying the delivery method to salvage as many of the baby’s organs as possible. At times they even deliver an entire cadaver.

Regrettably, even though the unedited versions of the video are available on-line at the Center for Medical Progress’s website, those who continue to blindly support Planned Parenthood, and have claimed that nothing nefarious has happened, have not watched the videos in question. I guess this is plausible deniability.

The videos have been extremely successful in awaking America to the moral bankruptcy of the abortion industry. They have revealed to the generally naïve public what an abortion procedure really is and how it truly is the extermination of the most vulnerable.

What do we know now since these videos have been released? Planned Parenthood clinic doctors have willing altered delivery methods – including partial birth procedures – on fetuses in order to procure intact organs to sell to medical research facilities for maximum financial benefit.

They also show how removed from reality abortion clinicians are. They casually divide the aborted fetus into usable tissue and that which is not worthy of salvage. The clinics that were interviewed spoke of the need to protect the organs from destruction. They freely use the name of the organs they seek to harvest – lungs, heart, liver and brain. They would never use this terminology in public discourse. In public the organs are simply referred to as fetal tissue or unviable tissue mass.

The clinicians that perform these procedures have for decades counted on the secret nature of abortion and euphemistic language to keep the general public from understanding what truly takes place on the operating table.

Hopefully these videos will continue to put pressure on state and federal law enforcement officials to look into the deceptive practices being performed in the name of science.


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