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August 6, 2015

Paybacks are Hell

Patricia A. Kelly

The funniest story of the day is that Donald Trump is leading in the Republican primary race. It is also the “unfunniest.” It’s difficult to imagine people really electing such an outrageous narcissist, not to mention electing Hillary Clinton, that beacon of transparency and honor.

However his success so far sends a very loud and clear message to politicians everywhere.

The people are upset, and sick to death of the unending, daily stream of political bull____.

Good for us! It’s about time we showed our dismay at the self-serving, “lost in space” behaviors of so many leaders in our society. They not only demonstrate that their primary concern is being re-elected, defining their “target markets,” pandering to special interest groups, raising money for their attack ads and hiring the right campaign managers, instead of dealing honestly and courageously with the needs of our society.

On the other hand, bad for us! Has our society so “devolved” that we would actually elect someone so impulsive, rude and self-aggrandizing as Donald Trump, even if he is, thank God, addressing real, heretofore unmentioned truths? Just think, we could end up with matching Putins.

Has our society so “devolved” that we would consider electing Hillary Clinton, long time proven liar, pathetic secretary of state, pretend Obama supporter, who, with her husband, should consider writing a book entitled, “How to Get Away with Anything Right in Front of Everyone,” especially if she becomes the first woman president.

We, the People, must demand better. We are angry. We are sick of seeing our values ignored and our pocketbooks erode, while our leaders smile and pat us on the cheek, telling us they are on our side, and plan to strengthen us.

We need to have our confusion and sense of threat over immigration heeded by our leaders. We need to live in a society where our laws are respected, or corrected. This standing around, hands in pockets, waiting to figure out the most popular and safe immigration plan so one won’t lose the next election needs to stop right now.

We need our leaders to show us that re-election is not their only concern.

We need legible, brief bills passed by Congress, so, in the end, without a week of reading, we can figure out how our representatives voted.

When we hear of extra money found in the budget, we need to also learn that our leaders are considering returning it.

We need to know that everyone in our society is treated fairly and equally, no matter what race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual predilection. That would include fairness for Christians.

We need to feel sure that religious freedom is protected, that churches are not penalized for refusing to support abortion or gay marriage, but that people’s legal rights are protected, too. A civil contract for both gay and straight marriage, followed by an optional church service, is probable the most fair solution for all.

We need to know our government doesn’t spend money without careful consideration of the work of those who paid the taxes.

We need to know the helpless will always be cared for in our society, but not those who could be working.

We need to live in a world where people are expected to take responsibility for their choices. It would be a place where those who choose not to wear their motorcycle helmets, do not receive advanced rehabilitation through government or insurance, but only humane supportive care.

We need to live in a space where everyone’s beliefs are respected, even those who believe in modest dress and private, rather that public, displays of affection.

We need a simple, fair system of taxation, and a balanced budget, with an emergency fund.

When Donald Trump announced his run for president, on Fox News, the first comments were to the effect that he could never succeed because he didn’t have a good campaign manager, as they were all working for other candidates. Even they, the theoretical conservatives, could not see past campaigning to the real issues.

We, the People, can and must, if we want anything to get any better. It’s not that hard to email every leader who represents you, or send your opinion to presidential campaigns. Get on it. Demand realistic solutions to real problems, not just more of the same. Demand the same of candidates.

Don’t make me vote for “the Donald.”


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