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August 3, 2015

Getting Trumped

Richard B. Weldon Jr.

The consequence of having a legitimate celebrity in a contested political race is that our attention is drawn to the process like a moth to a floodlight. Donald Trump is the light, and the media, GOP voters and pretty much everyone else are the moths.

Sure, The Terminator took us through this before. But that was just in California, the place where even Jerry Brown is considered a legitimate public servant. Not to get waylaid, but Governor Moonbeam just outlawed the words “husband and wife” in California. Seems it might inflame gay couples to read the words husband and wife in official government documents. Sheesh…

Excuse the medical reference, but this might be an example of cranial-rectal insertion.

Back to The Donald.

From his very first appearance in the lobby of New York’s Trump Tower, The Donald has lit up the national news media like a Saturn 5 rocket booster. First it was his pronouncement that the Mexican government wasn’t sending us their best and brightest across the Rio Grande, but instead their drug dealers and rapists.

Sure, he said, there are a few good people mixed in, but he claims that most have nefarious purposes in mind. While there is likely a measure of truth in his statement, no other politician had the mix of guts and poor judgment to say such a thing.

The immigrant lobby is powerful. Between the Democrat Party, big business and foreign interests pushing relaxed standards, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year to convince Americans to legalize between 12-20 million illegals already in this country.

Democrats push this idea because they know most will vote for their candidates. Legalizing tens of millions of new voters means that Democrats will increase voting margins dramatically, and forever alter the electoral landscape.

Big business (including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce) pushes the idea because these people represent a large source of cheap and accessible labor, workers who willingly take low paying, high-demand jobs.

Foreign countries push this idea…well, mostly because they don’t really want the criminals and rapists they’ve gotten rid of coming back home! Also, their economies and gross domestic product benefit from the fact that many of those in this country illegally are working and sending money back to their South-of-the-Border families. Those families invest that money back into THEIR local economies.

So, The Donald dared to confront this situation in his own blowhard, egotistical and self-possessed way. He just said what he (appears) to believe.

The qualified remark above reflects a huge unanswered question about The Donald. We’ll get to that in a later column.

Not satisfied to outrage the interests listed above, The Donald then took on Sen. John McCain (R., AZ), a former GOP presidential candidate, foreign affairs expert and former Vietnam War prisoner of war.

The Donald, angry over dismissive comments made by Senator McCain, did what he does best. When being attacked, The Donald’s already wild hair lights on fire. He stops at nothing to rhetorically best his verbal opponents, escalating his attacks reminiscent of an old “your Mother’s so ____” contest.

It brings to mind the worst martial arguments of a marriage in collapse. One partner says something designed to upset the other, then the other responds with the most hurtful, damaging thing they can dredge up.

In the case of Senator McCain, The Donald said he didn’t think McCain was a war hero merely because he was captured and held by the North Vietnamese. The Donald mentioned how HE had more respect for those who avoided capture, hinting that those who were caught and held were less worthy.

To his credit (?), a few days and hundreds of headlines later, The Donald walked back his initial comments, allowing that Senator McCain was in fact a war hero.

Good for him.

The fact remains that The Donald achieved his goal, though. His comments, both the remarks about illegals and John McCain, were the headlines in every newspaper and the lead stories on every TV newscast. In fact, almost everything The Donald has done and said since his announcement have resulted in similar news cycle placement.

In spite of that, there seems to be a great mystery among the major media about The Donald’s rise in polling data. What a pack of idiots! The very same organizations that feature his outrageous comments turn around and wonder how he’s leading the GOP primary polling.

Here’s the answer to their question: The Donald leads all others in polling because:

The GOP debates will be a hoot to watch. Whether you find The Donald an inspiration or an embarrassment, the one thing you can rely on is that his performance will distinguish him from his opponents. He’ll smugly point out the shortcomings, be they intellectual, leadership or financial, of the other nine victims.

At that first debate Donald Trump will likely trump the competition.


[Editor’s Note: Ten of the 17 GOP candidates for President of The United States will face off in the first debate of the 2016 campaign. Fox News will be the host in conjunction with Facebook and the Ohio Republican Party in Cleveland. The venue is the same as that of the National Republican Convention July 18-21, 2016. Fox News channel will carry this debate at 9 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time. Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace will pose the questions.]


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