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July 20, 2015

Thoughts to Ponder

Patricia A. Kelly

It’s been vacation time for me, if you consider putting on a family reunion for 45 people and a dinner for 20, in a place where you don’t live, a vacation. I’ve been on slow speed ever since.

One good aspect of being away from home and very busy is absence of the constant barrage of news. I’m setting a new goal of finding an objective news source and listening for about an hour a day. I am sick of word twisting, and an hour is enough to get the stories. Endless analysis time could be better spent watching insects mate, or picking at belly button lint.

While attempting to identify people of different races in column writing, I’ve noticed my computer doesn’t want to capitalize either “black” or “white” as racial descriptions. African American, Hispanic and Caucasian are automatically capitalized. If I refuse to use the term African American unless everyone refers to me as Irish Bohemian American, I’m left with Negro, which is fraught with really bad memories for Negro people.

I hereby move that each race vote for their favorite name. Maybe American Idol will allow us to use their system for a day. Or better yet, let’s just call ourselves Americans. We can even fill out those pesky forms which ask for ethnicity with “American.”

Minority groups: there’s another consideration to ponder. There are groups for all sorts of ethnicities, for women, for most of us other than male, Caucasian, Christian, monogamous, heterosexuals. Shall I start the NAAMCCMH?

Is the NAACP, an organization with a heart stopping history of courageous, groundbreaking action, still relevant? Should there still be women’s clubs? Do organizations such as CASA foster discrimination, or provide valid, needed help to Hispanic immigrants?

In our society, it is believed that minorities, and those subject to even subtle discrimination, should have organizations to help them succeed. Women of all ethnicities receive less pay than do Caucasian men. Negros and Hispanics, not to mention those of “different” genders or sexual orientations, definitely experience discrimination.

As human beings, we are skilled at being ridiculous. To hear a newscaster suggest that someone could change race by “feeling,” or use the bathroom of a gender that is not, at present, their actual physical gender, is strange, to say the least. You may not be aware of this, but there is even a condition called species dysphoria, whose sufferers feel they are members of a non-human species, which reminds me of the priceless Fox newscaster quote, “If I feel I’m a cat, should I have to pay taxes?

If someone is considered to be incapacitated by mental illness while murdering 20 people, he will not be kept from society forever, unless professional caregivers believe he remains ill.

Tell me, those of you innocents who want to be safe at the store or the movies, how you feel about that? Would society not benefit more if those guilty of egregious crimes, whatever the cause, remained separated from society?

It’s not about punishment, but about societal security. As for killing people as punishment for killing people, it’s just not an appropriate response from civilized society. Is it, after all, okay for me personally to kill the person who accidentally shot my child during a gang war, or the woman who had sex with my husband?

Does it make sense for our government to give tax favored status to those who gain from investments, rather than salaries, or those who fill out forms stating they are churches, or nonprofits?

Does it make sense for real estate taxes to be deferred if you “trade” a property? Or for American corporations to get tax breaks for establishing headquarters overseas? Or for outsourcing manufacturing? Why pay for people choosing to have a baby or buy a house? Why don’t people refuse to accept this? Do we let the occasional pittance of tax relief we get inspire us to accept the made up story that our tax code is good and necessary, when a fair system would benefit so many?

Does it make sense for our government to say a murder was “workplace violence” when the perpetrator was shouting “Allah Akbar?”

The world may be a wonder, but people need to go back to “Rational Thinking 101,” and quickly. We have the numbers to take them out, if we take the time.


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