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As Long as We Remember...

June 30, 2015

A Potpourri of Wonder

Harry M. Covert

Phew! What a week of the past. All manner of communications have been bombarding this bureau. News junkies have enjoyed a heyday. It is time for all the good people to take a breath and have some relief. It is almost too much to bear.

Notes of all sorts have carried various messages, not all publishable. “Do you think the Genesis story of Adam and Eve will have to change to Adam and Steve?” This can be construed as impertinence. Lots will be thinking it but afraid to express it verbally.

Another note, probably sarcastic, asked “will the word “traditional” be expunged from the language?”

Still another missive was worried. “Will I be a bigot or traitor wearing a lapel pin signifying the Confederate States of America?”

There are many more questions coming down the pike. Many people are left in sincere wonderment and don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Church-goers of all stripes seem to be the next battleground of ideas. Traditional teachings are being watered down and those who may cling to the tenets and scriptures will have to deal with unpleasant descriptions, more hurtful than fanatic or nut or goofy. Redneck?

Will the Amish markets be a target? Will they be forced to electrify their communities? How about forced to have organic farming?

Who will be able to endure the onslaught of challengers and naysayers to traditional values? Look around and see the crumbling of theologians, politicians and government leaders to thinking now outdated, outmoded or customary teachings. Concerning propositions? Most certainly!

In Frederick, it is good to know the people are safe and secure from those serving time in the Frederick County Adult Detention Center. There have been no escapes during the reign of current Sheriff Chuck Jenkins. The only escape came years ago during the administration of a former sheriff – Carl Harbaugh.

Last week’s news included a stirring rendition of “Amazing Grace” by the president. It’s a wonderful hymn and song. It’s not appropriate for left-wingers to bring about unkind words mixing religion and politics.

Mr. O certainly opened the door for others to follow suit. It was a powerful delivery. It won’t be long probably when leaders of other jurisdictions find time to warble, hopefully not during meetings of Boards of Aldermen, County Council or burgesses.

Now that same-sex marriage is popular, another question erupts. What’s going to happen when an evangelical ecclesiastic denies a church wedding ceremony? More fireworks will be exploding because federal law will get in the way. Such pastors could find themselves in court or in jail? Silly? Not at all.

All is not well with the world. It’s all topsy-turvy. The past is prologue? Things are amiss. Maybe time is now to turn off the cable, read a book, cut the grass, plant some flowers or take a walk in the parks, and leave the cares and concerns to a younger crowd.

For this potpourri wonder amounts to who will write the history of these days. Sounds like there’s going to be a new look to the olden days. Will the heroes we know still be heroes? Probably not. Sorry to read so morosely.

On second thought the puerile souls seem to have the upper hand everywhere we turn. A flâneur lifestyle may be in order. It is a good word and maybe time to be lazy and idle.


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