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June 18, 2015

American Evolution?

Patricia A. Kelly

Our society is definitely changing. This is being written on a laptop in a parking lot in Front Royal, Virginia. You remember those, right? They’re obsolete now. I should be using an iPad. I am finding my way by using the GPS on my phone. Still, I am way behind the up to date world.

Our world considers Caitlyn Jenner a heroine. I even saw a posting on Facebook, now also a touch obsolete, asserting that she is more of a “hero” than any soldier.

Oops, she should have said heroine, but who checks grammar if you’re happy with what you’ve written?

Thanks to social media, anyone could share that opinion, or any other with the world, especially if it goes viral. One could start a revolution, if enough people were paying attention to their devices.

Back to Caitlyn, I accept that she is now a woman, or I will when she makes it final surgically. I agree that it takes some courage to “come out.” She, and her wife and 10 children have my sympathy. For her the good news and the bad news is that she had the money to have a new face and body built that reflect the “hot babe” she aspired to become. I’m not sure it quite worked, but that’s just me.

Right now, Caitlyn is the heroic role model, and police are the enemy.  People feel free to argue with them and resist their orders, as they are the bad guys who beat up and kill helpless, innocent people, mostly black.  What statistics say about this is irrelevant, of course. Just check social media if you want to find the truth.

In Baltimore, proactive policing has declined dramatically while the murder rate has soared.  Other major cities are reporting increased violence as well.

ISIS has called for a war on police, and maybe we’ll just give it to them. Then the police, those who remain to take the abuse, will be weakened, and we will be able to do as we please. Who cares if others’ ideas of what they should do interfere with ours. Free expression is what it’s all about. I’m sure there’s a federal program somewhere for free window bars, and maybe bomb shelters.

Again on the Internet, I looked up the free cell phone for the indigent program during a discussion about when it started. I found that, in Maryland anyway, there is a small surcharge on every phone bill that covers this.  I also learned that good cell phone service “is a right, not a privilege.”

We’re all for free expression, gender equality, same sex marriage, gay rights, and the right to use whatever language we like, with free translation if we need English, which, by the way, is not our national language. The government says religious freedom is allowed, too, but not if you want to say or believe something that offends anyone.

It’s especially important to avoid offending Muslims. After all, they’re having a rough time right now. Even our State Department doesn’t use the term Islamic in connection with terrorism, even in internal memos. It’s not allowed. Christians, on the other hand, are quite reactionary, and really should be suppressed. Imagine them naming the winter holiday after Christ. What were they thinking?

Courts have recently ruled that a baker doesn’t have to make a cake shaped like a bible with a reference to homosexuality as a sin on it because that’s not religious expression, but hate speech. The same baker would be required to make a cake for a homosexual wedding, no matter what his religious beliefs, because a business that serves the public cannot discriminate. Go figure.

As for dress and decorum, even table manners, they’re out. In the first place, who has time to teach table manners or check on children’s clothing or behavior these days? Kids prefer free expression anyway.

We revere extreme dress, and it regularly makes for great publicity when a star’s strategic flower slips to reveal her nipple. If you don’t want to see butt cracks or belly buttons, hear the “F” word, or smell “weed,” just stay home and read your Kindle.

Might there may be some sort of conspiracy underway to undermine our society, and maybe take it over? Let’s call the “Men in Black,” just to be on the safe side. Tommy Lee? Will?


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