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As Long as We Remember...

May 12, 2015

The Southwest Invasion

Harry M. Covert

The opinionating business is serious and should be. I take it as a solemn matter. There are times more often than not when a good old guffaw is in order.

Among Frederick’s attention-getting matters involves the Church of Scientology, which wants to establish a drug-rehab operation in beautiful Thurmont on property known as Trout Run.

Now that medicinal pot – marijuana, that is – will grace the Free State in a not too distant future, good citizens have a valid reason for jumping up and down in angst.

Today the battle for debunking myths and rumors regarding Trout Run is on. There is no reason to believe that scientologist John Travolta is eyeing a move to run that Narconon venture.

At the same time, an email arrived warning readers that the federal government is “Turning America into a Battlefield: A Blueprint for Locking Down the Nation.” If this is strange, this is part of the story where the Texas governor has become a conspiracy theorist and alerted his national guard as to the U.S. Army and Military Invasion to the southwest part of the US of A.

Why do patriots of all persuasion want to believe such emails? This can be listed alongside such ridiculous theories that the “South’s Gonna Rise Again, so save your confederate money.” The latter was a grand joke from the late Mayberry sheriff Andy Griffith.

Naïveté among political and non-profit organizations is a money-raiser’s joy. They are fun to see though and to learn just how much traction such “warnings” bring.

Everybody has heard that “all that glitters is not gold,” but the tragedy befalls good people who succumb to such foolhardy people.

Military exercises in the southwest are important, but not a threat to Americans of every state. Common sense shows that the nation’s current military battles are in the Middle East where looking over topography citizens can see Iraq and adjoining areas are hot, sandy and, yes, desert. This includes locations such as Afghanistan. I could also mention such god-forsaken places as Somalia, Yemen, The Sudan and lots of others.

Imagine the conspiracy promoters want us to believe the feds, as we know them, want to capture individual Americans of all stripes and place them in modern concentration camps. Such hogwash.

The above is about as accurate as a Canadian becoming an American president, no matter how the Ted Cruz candidacy is trying to get legs.

Those taking advantage of the fear in the southwest by American soldiers are irresponsible, interested only on U.S. dollars.

Conspiratorial talk is always worth good laughs and fodder for alleged non-elected, would-be smart people. If they tell “stretchers” long enough, they’ll come up with acolytes who believe them.

How come UFO’s (unidentified flying objects) are never sighted or landed in Maryland? How come Star Trek and its crew never deplaned at the county’s municipal airport? Or at Camp David?

The email to alarm us about a southwest onslaught also questions the “obscene amounts of military equipment, weapons and ammunition to police departments around the country?”

The answer to this is simple, easy and obvious. Just notice the murders, robberies, shootings and civil disobedience still ongoing around the nation. The feds are attempting to keep local police and sheriff’s well-armed, well-equipped and well-trained. Thankfully all cops and deputies face increasing terrorists. “Be Prepared” is more than just a Boy Scout symbol.

Just remember a few days ago. After Baltimore’s troubles have included several shootings and murders over the weekend; a New York City policeman was killed on duty; and two Hattiesburg, Mississippi, cops were killed at a traffic stop.

Verbal battling over the nation’s future is well and good. The very idea of a federal threat to individual states is bunk, maybe in public schools. Such words are merely ploys to fill coffers and bank accounts of those truly at the public trough.

If a woman becomes president, will all members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have to be female? Will all members of the cabinet have to be female?

Well, contemplation is now running rampant.


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