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As Long as We Remember...

April 24, 2015

Too Fat, Too Happy But Not Too Sassy

Joe Charlebois

No previous generation of Americans would stand by and be as silent as our current generation has been when it comes to usurpation of executive power, or the abuse of power as exhibited by the current administration and its former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. We are just too fat and too happy to care.

We live in a society where the median household income is well over $50,000. Even those who live in the lower income brackets are fat and happy. According to 2013 U.S. Census data, there were 45.3 million Americans who lived in poverty. Those defined as living below the poverty line vary based on the size of their family and the number of dependent children. For example, a family of five would be considered as living in poverty if they had less than an annual combined income of $27,376.

Here are some facts about this segment of our population. The vast majority of the “poor,” as defined by Census Bureau data, have a car or truck; air conditioning; a microwave as well as cable or satellite TV. Half of the poor have a computer and/or gaming system. Approximately one-third of the poor own a wide screen TV. Those defined as poor may not be doing as well as other Americans, but in reality they are not in want of the true necessities of life. According to Census Bureau data, of the 40 some million poor, a mere fraction are destitute.

This is why the American people as a whole have no desire to challenge the status quo. The impending war has yet to come to them. They have yet to realize that the tremendous influx of immigrants – both legal and illegal – has altered their healthcare system, their schools and their income. Most have a roof over their heads, something to eat and a remote control. They don’t care what their public officials do. They just want to make sure that – if they do vote – it is for the one who will take care of them.

President Barack Obama has unilaterally “re-written” portions of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) through executive direction in order to tweak it to fit the political landscape that benefited his re-election efforts. Contrary to current law, he also stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants. He used the Internal Revenue Service to block conservative groups from being granted tax-exempt status prior to his re-election bid. He used the Department of Justice, headed by Eric Holder, to wiretap and collect the phone records of both the Associated Press and James Rosen of Fox News. He also declared that the U.S. Senate was in recess and made “recess” appointments despite the fact that the Senate was technically still in session.

This week 10 members of the president’s opposition party – the Republicans – in the U.S. Senate joined with the Democrats to approve Loretta Lynch, who was President Obama’s nomination for Attorney General of the United States. They voted to approve her based on the “President’s prerogative.”

According to my reading of the U.S. Constitution, it is the Senate’s role to “advise and consent” or deny the nomination, not rubber stamp his or her pick. Regrettably, the Republicans in the Senate who had heard Ms. Lynch testify know that she will do nothing to stop the president’s further usurpation of power. They are too fat and happy.

Recently, the news has not been too favorable for the likely Democratic nominee for president – Hillary Clinton. As the issues with the private server and the removal of tens of thousands of e-mails seemed to be dying off, details are emerging that the Clinton Foundation, and former President Bill Clinton, received millions of dollars from foreign governments and politically connected entities while Mrs. Clinton was pushing policy at the State Department.

The first of many connections has already surfaced this week, and it is likely that much more is to be revealed. In any other time in American history, it is likely that not only would the revelations of impropriety forced a candidate out of the race, it is likely that they would be brought up on charges. But as the former secretary once stated: “At this point what difference does it make?”

To this generation she’s right. What difference does it make? We are fat and happy. We have a roof, some food and a remote control.


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