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April 21, 2015

A $5 Billion President

Harry M. Covert

There’s no sense beating around the bush. News is really slow these days and citizens’ interests have turned to other pursuits. That’s probably good as tune-ups and recharging the issues batteries are well in order.

Perhaps some of us are giving in too early, but we all need a rest from the weary political wars even though it is vital to keep paying attention to the goings on all partisan levels.

As of today, if reminders are needed, there are 566 days remaining before the most expensive presidential campaign concludes on November 8, 2016. Imagine, $5 billion is being raised to enthrone possibly another Clinton or another Bush. These figures come from money-raisers hard at work. Repeat this please, five billion U.S. dollars.

This is quite a price for the keys to the kingdom. Naturally, it is worth it for historical and personal reasons, primarily for the ‘would bees.’ For the present, though, it may be good as good citizens of every state, commonwealth and territory to try to absorb all of the words of wisdom, truth and everything else. There may be a stretch or two in the campaign.

The beauty of the campaign is and will inundate us. I found a good word to describe it. The campaign will ensorcell us. Ensorcell is new to me. It means to bewitch. Don’t think for a moment voters won’t be bewitched a bit. It also perfectly describes political wizards. It is a “spell that allows sorcerers to enhance properties.”

Is there a better way to describe the modern day so-called experts, who bombard readers and viewers constantly? Durn it, the “experts” also make all the money and dip in regularly to the piles of cash being raised. My emails are flooded with how much I’m “loved” by candidates from all parties. I’m not alone in this endeavor either.

It is good that people with ideas step into the political wars. They are indeed wars, never-ending battles. Former victors earn stripes as statesmen and stateswomen, battlers for the good of one and all. Losers usually get another chance somewhere.

Most people are familiar with the thought there’s nothing new under the sun. Ideas are recycled, retold, ‘regurgitated and a younger generation gets involved with the same old stuff in a new form. Everybody becomes re-programmed. Candidates try to point out they are just regular people. Less and less want to be known for growing up in a log cabin. The years take care of this. Why deny they were well educated in Ivy League schools? Why deny they have developed personas to appeal to the younger generation and this younger group, on all sides of the spectrum, has different ideas on what is good for America.

Traditional values are no longer at the top of any lists. It is dangerous for candidates to bring about such discussions. Who wants to be ridiculed in such a big way by modern day commentators, editorial writers or those who have the bully pulpits to smear and demean opponents, or those who may disagree? There is no groundswell for old-time fire-breathing evangelists or preachers or politicians. I mean this on every level, local, state and national.

Admittedly times have changed drastically from what has been described as the Greatest Generation. Today, there are more haves than have nots it seems. Those who disagree with old-time family values, Biblical truths and all sorts of social styles are fast becoming the minority, pushed aside as infidels.

Questions loom. Who will be the first LGBT president, Supreme Court justice, bishops and archbishops, and will churches become institutions of the past? Sodom and Gomorrah revisited?

Opinions and thoughts are fast changing and a younger generation of educators, students, writers and readers seemingly are no longer in the background espousing anti-traditional thoughts and lifestyles. They are in the forefront knocking themselves out, decrying the olden days of what was once common sense, truth and The American Way.

Lots of talk is growing about legalizing recreational pot smoking. Maryland has even approved medicinal marijuana, but it’s a longtime before users can drop by their favorite drugstore for their doses.

According to a leading official, a medical marijuana program passed in 2013 and relied on academic centers to distribute the drug, but none volunteered. Last year, the program was redrafted to allow certified physicians to recommend marijuana to qualified patients. A commission is creating a system to manage patient and dispensary information, hiring inspectors, etc., and developing applications for growers and dispensaries.

Word has it that things might be ready by 2016.

However, despite all of the rapid movement of medicinal weed, lots of law enforcement and state legislators do not believe it is medicine.

In time this is going to be figured out but few medical men and women, except maybe a quack or two on television, are out in public espousing joy and success in the healing process.

Who can lead the county, the state and the nation after 2016? The days are slipping by and the future is truly in a muddle.


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