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April 16, 2015

Itís Four to One, the One Being Reinvented

Patricia A. Kelly

I don’t know how she does it, but Hillary Clinton has done it again. There she is, in her announcement video. (Just take a look, if you haven’t seen it. It’s about the only thing on her website – no actual policy suggestions.)

Somehow, she looks younger and thinner, and, is definitely having a good hair day.

Normally her hair follows a predictable cycle. She always begins with bad hair. Remember the headband from her husband Bill’s early campaign days, and how she soon developed a new style? After she gets comfortable in her new role, she lets it slide again. Remember the long, straight, grayish hair and the pony tail of her Secretary of State days?

You can always tell with Hillary when she is up to something, just by looking at her hair. Her basic nature must be to let it go, but when she’s looking for a new job, she always does it up. You’d never see such a thing with Nancy Pelosi. You’d never see her with gray roots, or a ponytail. She keeps up the maintenance at all times.

This renewed Hillary, her role in Benghazi, her, “What does it matter?” quote during the Senate hearings, her subdural hematoma, even her server issues, have faded into the background as she, ever the phoenix, rises from the ashes unscathed. Her hair is gleaming and stylish, her clothing flattering, looking fit and trim once again, a new and vital woman, ready to lead.

“Moved more than ever toward public service now that her granddaughter has been born,” undoubtedly ever mindful of leaving the White House “dead broke,” with only $190,000 of furniture and knickknacks in her moving van, $28,000 worth to be returned after the White House usher insisted most of it was public property, she is ready to take on a new role as champion of the middle class.

“Champion of the Middle Class” has a really nice ring to it. We’ll all be able to make progress and stay ahead, under her leadership. She feels our pain, and shares our struggles.

Just as President Barack Obama has been doing, “strengthening the middle class,” she is on it.

I, personally, can’t wait to make progress and stay ahead. I had been thinking prices were going up, while net middle class pay had been going down. I could be wrong, though, as I’m sure I couldn’t have misheard what the president said. Maybe Ms. Rodham Clinton will do even better.

I hope so, as another brick in the sack I’m carrying around might just tip me over.

Really, you have to hand it to her. A new blond woman is seeking to partner with us. Anyone asking about her server, or her role in Benghazi and in our government’s inability, until after the election of 2012, to figure out what happened there, will be considered a whining nitpicker.

She will gracefully step forward, a confident smile on her face, and reach for her scepter, music playing….and we’ll all take her seriously, and talk about how smart she is. Like Rocky, she does better if she just smiles. When she speaks, there’s a scary little pucker to her upper lip, a hardness to her voice….but overall, you have to hand it to her.

Or, you have to wonder what people are thinking.

On the other side of the race, Republicans abound, already.

There’s Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, the only guy with an open list of his plans and proposals on his website. Read them. They’re pretty interesting.

First to announce was Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, champion of conservatism, looking for a strong, safe, family oriented country, asking for courageous conservatives to stand up and be counted.

Third is Jeb Bush, a very successful Florida governor, with quite a list of accomplishments and skills, hindered more than a little by his family history of presidencies.

Last, but definitely not least is Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American, good friend of Jeb Bush, positioning himself as a member of the generation destined to lead America into the future. He’ll have some making nice to do over his immigration views, but they might also help him appeal to a broad section of the American population.

There will be more. It’s early. Such fun, politics. Too bad our lives so often depend on the outcome.


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