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April 14, 2015

A Look at Weed Farming

Harry M. Covert

When it comes to smoking pot or tasting what is known as weed in cookies or brownies and other concoctions, I am a virgin. Somehow, I’ve managed to escape any attraction to such participation.

As an innocent I’ve always kept a distance from that culture. Frankly, I’ve never been attracted. Like lots of other traditionalists, I’ve laughed at portrayals of those supposedly enjoying the whiffs of marijuana smoke. Really, did I miss something?

The idea of medicinal marijuana has grown by leaps and bounds all around us. I suppose that’s only natural as the wide use, primarily illegal, sort of soothes any idea of lawbreaking in various institutions. The drug problem, overall of course, is disastrous for society.

Personal feelings opposing medicinal use of weed has been a heavy mainstay among church goers, political leaders and protectors of traditional values. Lots of citizens, good ones, too, have paid dearly by their pleasuring with marijuana.

This agent is honestly not cognizant of all the dangers from drugs that flood Frederick County and all areas of metropolitan Washington and Baltimore. Awareness is rather broad at the infection of illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine and other extreme narcotics on young and old alike.

It’s a dangerous business, of course. Lots of people are in jails and prisons for their drug use and drug sales.

All have heard of the appealing big money in drug sales as compared to the minimum wage.

The onslaught of illegal drugs is nothing to make fun of. Local, state and federal governments have a difficult task battling the curse. It is indeed a major problem for school children and others.

The drug problem is more than a wink and a nod for officials and parents.

All this comes to mind now that Frederick County’s council is asked to allow “farming” of marijuana. I’m not one interested in thwarting business growth, but it’s easy to see how traditional attitudes slowly give in to change. You ask, what the harm of a little recreational smoking weed? Just stay at home, mind your own business and mellow out?

If medicinal marijuana eases suffering on any level, then use it. Obviously state lawmakers have agreed, so what’s wrong with allowing a major marijuana crop, especially near historical Trout Run in the Catoctin Mountains?

My how times have changed. Politicians are also jumping on the bandwagon to permit death with dignity. This is a major matter and I only hope I’m never in this position.

In my traditional sensibilities, it is still disturbing to see women in military combat, but I accept that. It is still disturbing to acquiesce to adding the word Islam to the Judeo-Christian thought for the nation. I don’t accept that.

Lots of other traditions are losing in the current age. Who would have thought of a social debate on same-sex marriages? Um! Lots of situations are out there where intermarriage of various religious backgrounds are difficult. I also accept the fact that chances are solid the U.S. will have a woman president.

We’re getting off course here. How do we handle the intrusion of previously unaccepted religious practices? This is difficult and it is hard in this quarter to accept followers of L. Ron Hubbard’s scientology. They may have lots of financial resources; but should Frederick County allow them to operate as marijuana farmers?

Okay. I’m a bit, maybe a big bit, prejudiced toward the religious practices of scientologists. I have that right, too, even though rites of all forms of spirituality are permitted, no matter how out of the norm. Don’t ask me what is standard or should be. I’m tolerant, mostly. I don’t like snake handlers, either.

Where are the preachers on this weed matter?

Once the door is open to more broad-based use of weed, what’s next?

The magnificent acreage should be a historical site. Imagine outlets for marijuana up and down Route 15?

Again, I go along with medicinal use. At this point of my time, aspirin works well as do some other prescribed doses that keep me calm, quiet and – hopefully – not off the bubble.


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