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April 9, 2015

And the Beat Goes Onů..

Patricia A. Kelly

Sipping coffee with one hand, pulling on your sock with the other, you prepare to go forth and meet your day. It happens over and over, this morning ritual.

During the day, your will be assailed so many times, first in traffic, by idiots driving slowly in the fast lane, the guy who pulls right in front of you without a turn signal, the person at the convenience store where you grab your cholesterol laden breakfast sandwich, who takes two parking spaces, making you as much as two-and-a-half minutes later than you want to be.

Today Hillary R. Clinton is in the news, along with Rand Paul and the German guy who ran a plane into a mountain in France after locking the pilot out of the cabin of a commercial airliner.

What happened to the good old days when people killed just themselves? What’s this new shtick that makes people want to take others with them? “Someday a lot of people will have heard of me.” So weird. Who would want to be known for murdering 149 innocent people? It’s not like being known for something good, like inventing the light bulb.

It’s reminiscent of the Virginia Tech shooting here in the United States, when privacy concerns prevented people from telling anyone about a dangerously mentally ill student. God forbid his privacy be violated. Now, for some reason, a doctor appears to have given a suicidal depressed patient a work note instead of calling the airline to tell them he shouldn’t be flying. We are so weird.

How far wrong we go in attempting to make things right.

Here in our own state of Maryland, there seems to be no recourse for egregious legislator behavior but the vote. There’s only a minimal code of ethics for legislators, and virtually no control or consequence for any behavior on the part of local arms of the Republican Party. It’s kind of amazing, really.

Hillary Clinton and her server are big news now. It appears that her likeability and the trust people have in her are shrinking a bit in response to her unilateral decision about what to keep and what to destroy of her communications during her term as secretary of state.

How fascinating that there’s any question about what communication methods were appropriate and legal during her tenure. She says she didn’t violate any law. It’s hard to imagine there were no requirements regarding communication during her term. If it’s true, there’s another example of our weirdness.

Rand Paul is running for president, officially. He’s the second to announce – behind Ted Cruz. It seems a lot of extreme right wing people assert that Mr. Cruz was a much better student at Harvard than President Barack Obama. Not true, at least according to one professor, who gave Mr. Cruz a “solid A” and Mr. Obama an A+ in the same class.

Mr. Cruz, however, served for five and a half years as Solicitor General of Texas, running a huge office, rather than serving as a community organizer prior to his senatorial run. He has also, according to him, provided active leadership during his two years in the Senate, unlike Mr. Obama, whom Mr. Cruz says was a “back seater” during his two years.

If you speak well and look interesting enough, maybe you, too, can be president. Why not?

Arab nations, notably Saudi Arabia and Egypt, have united to fight the Houthis, who have taken over Yemen. Unity, and the fighting of terrorism independent of the United States, has to be a good thing, even if it does result from a trust and leadership vacuum emanating from Washington, D.C. Doesn’t the name Houthi conjure up an image in your mind of some wildly dancing and screaming person, half dressed and decorated with shiny feathers and beads, rather than a run of the mill terrorist?

The rest of the “news” is just the usual. Who left his wife, ran naked through exercise class, found a cat with a face of two colors, or lost 190 lbs., remains of great interest, it appears. It gets harder and harder, I’m sure, to come up with even more outrageous stories, but our news people, not to mention, our citizens, are doing their best.

Thanks to them and the rest of the whack-a-doodles out there for giving me another day of feeling normal.


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