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March 10, 2015

Clever Rogues, Presidentís Silence

Harry M. Covert

My attention today is not on the crumbling national and international stages. The masterminds there don’t care about my thoughts anyway. Now, for a short sabbatical from the whys and wherefores elsewhere, it’s more important for us to consider the affairs of State at Winchester Hall.


If there is peace among the leadership of all the officeholders, such personal rectitude seems lacking big time.


I read where two council members were described as rogue letter writers. Clever by half. Then I heard where the idea of a no-confidence vote could be eminent. Crafty, most certainly; and, in the short time of the new leadership for the good citizens of Frederick County, trouble does seem to be brewing. Now this soon-to-be-full-scale battle is going to be something to watch.


It is rather fun to talk about rogues, no confidence votes, the rain tax and all sorts of other things that end up costing taxpayers. While the leaders keep lining up for their contretemps, it can be expected that John Q. Taxpayer will wake up soon. At present any movement of questioning is mute and no shuffling of displeasure. This is not good, especially for the writing trade.


Sure seems unusual to have silence emanating from the council president’s chair on the first-ever elected county council. I’ve always thought anyone sitting in what is the first-among equals should take advantage of the leadership and the gaveling available to him or her. There seems a bigtime absence of any photos of the council president mixing with citizens of all stripes. You know at the civic clubs, at the presentation of colors around and about, and with those community people giving checks to various causes.


Maybe the county’s new leaders just want to avoid the public spotlight. Naturally, they bombarded us non-stop for more than a year, haranguing us innocents with what they’ll be doing on everyone’s behalf. I have to admit, too, that some of the professional newsgatherers have been somewhat quiet. Surely that will change.


Prior to the December inaugurations, swearings-in and swearings-at, and everybody wanting to feel out their actual partners, things have been rather slow. It was rather enthusiastic when the former president of the former commissioners spoke; everybody listened and knew somebody was in charge.


There’s not even a peep for public consideration from The Honorable Harold “Bud” Otis. He is a dapper man, almost as neat as the former commissioner’s president who gave the position a distinguished look. There is some talk circulating that Mr. Otis doesn’t mind selling out his supposed Republican colleagues. He apparently takes great pride in ignoring their agenda requests, business emails and slams his meeting gavel with “out-of –order” rulings.


From a nice political perspective, it seems President Bud is in love with the first county executive, Her Worship Ms. G, in a governmental manner. Certainly these two leaders should get along for the betterment of the constituents. More often than not, they will be more visible in public events. We merely have to be patient.


It has been interesting to see that Her Worship disdained some letter-writing to the governor, rebuffing Councilmen Kirby Delauter and Billy Shreve, calling their epistolary effort rogue. I am disturbed that Mr. Harold “Bud” Otis failed to give some verbal response, at least to support his team members.


To my chagrin, I missed the public session where the idea of a “no confidence” vote was proposed against the president of the council. The idea of any fisticuffs was not considered and that is proper. The battle for the heart and minds of the Frederick County Council is going to heat up and probably to a boiling point. This could well be avoided by Mr. Harold “Bud” Otis. Using common sense, good manners and courtesy to compatriots is the only thing necessary.


Word keeps evolving that the president has future political interests. Nothing wrong with that. That is the basis usually for all in the political arena. The retiring “Babs” Mikulski has opened the door for successors to her U.S. Senate seat. At this point, I’ll discount Mr. Otis, Her Worship and probably most every other hopeful, public or private, from Frederick County.


There’s a lot to be done over the next four years. Thankfully, baseball season is nearing, and I can’t wait for the first game at Harry Grove Stadium with the Keys.


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