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March 4, 2015

Republican Debacle

Patricia A. Kelly

Most of you probably don’t remember the old Peter, Paul and Mary singing group, let alone the song with the lines, “When will they ever learn…?” That’s what one must – unfortunately – ask today about some members of the Republican Party.


Members of the Republican Party include John Boehner, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, to name a few with disparate ideologies. That’s good. Maybe the Republican Party reflects the United States of America, a land of diversity in everything from religion, to music taste, to national origin.


We’re all Americans, though, just as all Republicans are truly Republicans.


Where anyone could get the idea that it would be okay to attempt to take over the party on behalf of a narrow ideology not shared by the majority of Americans, I can’t imagine. How could one, when it would almost certainly lead to losses in national elections, including the presidency in 2016?


If this is to be allowed, then it would have been better, and given Republicans a better chance of victory in 2016, if they had lost in the last election and remained the opposition, instead of winning and getting the job of proactively doing some good in our country. Heaven knows we need that.


I would have hoped that people who have risen to the level in society of representing us in Congress would show more intelligence, not to mention mature judgment.


These extreme right-wing ideologues have decided that it would be a good idea, in this time of extreme terrorist threat in the world, to threaten to de-fund The Department of Homeland Security. If the harm, both real and political, resulting from this effort were not so great, I would laugh at its ridiculousness.


I definitely agree with the cause. The president’s use of executive order to give what amounts, at best, to temporary amnesty to a large group of illegal immigrants, cannot be legitimate. If it is, God help us; let’s just name him dictator.


Fortunately, that matter is in American courts right now, and that’s where it should be adjudicated. The fight against excesses in implementation of the executive order option of the presidency should happen exactly there.


Of course, Republicans aren’t the only politicians who use the technique of holding the other side hostage for political gain. Thomas V. “Mike” Miller. President of the Maryland General Assembly Senate, is doing this on the Democratic side in Annapolis as we speak. Congressional Democrats are having a blast doing the same thing in Washington, giving “brilliant” right-wing Republicans a bitter taste of their own medicine.


It’s time to remember, you Republicans, that you won in the last election! You are now in the majority. You have so many options. You could be sending bills to the president every week, if you wished. Let him exercise his veto, and show his true colors. These bills could go beyond just the effort to get yourselves re-elected. We’d still respect you in the morning, I promise.


Remember, while you’re at it, that there are lots of Republicans out there, and there could be more, if they felt there was a place for them in the party. Include them, and work together.


And please stop making yourselves look like you don’t care about the security of your own country, and like you each need separate sets of toys for the sandbox.


What we need from our Republican majority in Congress is an increase in responsiveness of government to the needs and rights of all of the people, even those who don’t understand that smaller government will help to free them, and give them the opportunity to live the life they choose.


Let the president veto bill after bill. The public will see what you are trying to accomplish, unlike when Sen. Harry Reid (D., Utah) was keeping everything he thought the president wouldn’t like on his desk, rather than bringing them to the floor of the Senate.


If government runs along the lines suggested by the core values of the Republican Party, to quote Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, promoting “fiscal responsibility, economic growth, reform and fairness”, the country would be a safer, better place for both extreme right-wing ideologues, liberals, and even for me, the “conservatarian.”


Don’t stand too high on your self-righteous toes, or you might shoot your feet off instead of getting us the president we so desperately need in 2016.


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