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March 3, 2015

Mikulski, Crab Cakes; Who’s Next

Harry M. Covert

Sure is nice that Barbara Mikulski is giving her successors time to line up for her seat in the United States Senate. Anybody who loves crab cakes can’t be all bad.


Great credit must be given to the Baltimore native, Girl Scout emeritus, for her decades of service – five Senate terms. She certainly is a grand example of a public servant. She remains a determined leader and, even though no one doubts it, she could change her mind and decide to run again before the January 2016 candidacy deadline.


Of course this political worthy, longest serving woman in Senate history, knows exactly what she’s doing. She will probably have a big hand in selecting her successor.


The fun hasn’t just crept up to those who would love to earn her seat, not replace her naturally, but take the seat. Change is eminent for Democrat Mikulski and, quite naturally, she’s not leaving the post and won’t give newly-elected Republican Gov. Larry Hogan a chance to pick a successor.


Right off the bat, successors are lining up. First and foremost, past Gov. Martin O’Malley, who has had visions of a presidential run, is probably No. 1 on the Democratic list.


The donnybrook en route, as described by Maryland Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller, has many thinking, talking, calling and emailing.


Democratic hopefuls after Mr. O’Malley could include Congressmen Steny Hoyer of the 5th District and Chris Van Hollen of the 8th District, both popular legislators.


Neither Mike Miller nor Comptroller Peter Franchot will give up their powerful positions. On the outside looking in, though, are Governor Hogan, ex-Governor Bob Ehrlich and his ex-Lieut. Gov. Michael Steele. O’Malley’s Lieut. Gov. Anthony Brown – and loser to Governor Hogan – last November – could also be in the list.


Some other names can be considered in the possibilities on both sides of the political persuasions.


How about Frederick’s County Executive, Jan Gardner? She’s a Mikulski alumnae, could well be in the possibiles’ list of Democrats. If there’s going to be a chance, why not someone from Frederick?


Now, along this same line, it is entirely proper for the Grand Old Party (the GOPERS) to seriously consider Blaine Young, the hard-working former Frederick Board of Commissioners president. Mr. Young is a good campaigner, knows the state, and, yes, wasn’t the least bit hesitant to test the waters for the governorship.


Admiration is in order for those considering the Mikulski seat.


Why shouldn’t Frederick County political leaders be in the forefront? Don’t overlook the talents and hardworking people like Dan Bongino, Ken Timmerman, Blaine Young, Wendi Peters, Elmer Chubb and several others who could be named.


Now while the scrambling is under way, and what an exciting time it is, there is no rush for an immediate solution. Perhaps a local “shad planking” could be arranged like they do in neighboring Virginia. Food and fun always opens the door.


If the candidate list falters, let’s frankly consider Cal Ripken, Jr. Why wait for the coming babble overload. Cal Jr. and maybe an honorary for William Donald Schaffer.


More fun coming for the anxious.


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