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February 26, 2015

Kudos for Public Servants

Harry M. Covert

By all rights the following should be on the extreme opinionated side. Probably the only good thing on the horizon is the coming baseball season. As players at all levels are warming up, the sidewalks, yards and streets will be following suit.


It would not be surprising in these days of cabin fever that the gurus and bureaucrats for Frederick City and Frederick County will be slipping in some things that will bring about some public discussion, pro and con and why.


For the moment, a few kudos are due those prominent and important public servants who rarely if ever get their names bandied around for effective and good work. Driving in the sleet and sticking snow has never been popular for most citizens with any sense. At this time when communities may see some lessening of weather hazards commendations are in order.


Around my street, and all others, the trucks have gone about the difficult task of moving snow and ice. They did their job well. Neighbors even looked after neighbors. No vehicles in my familiarity suffered any nicks or scrapes on the doors.


Admittedly it would be more fun for readers to have some good and gory tales of ineptitude on the part of well-known public figures. I’ve not seen, nor heard, any. In fact, it will be more amusing to discover missteps from the electeds so we can beat them almost to death later as partisans get into the act. This will come in due course as details of activities come to the forefront and probably soon.


For the time-being, the snow has enabled many to enjoy more reading of books and ignoring the constant broadcasts where repeat stories drive the audience crazy. Re-using the off button again sure comes in handy.


Now the hand-held devices bring us back to reality. Imagine the goings-on in the Middle East, more captures, more of everything, more babble by do-nothings. A day – or a week – of silence can be good, but the tragedy comes as our surroundings may return to normal as the world-stage remains the same.


Life in Frederick County and the state of Maryland is pretty good with pretty good people. We hear all of the constant blather about the biggest, the best, the greatest and the most powerful nation on earth. Unfortunately the idea that all is smooth must be questioned. I once heard an Alabama governor say “there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrats and Republican parties.” Sure is powerful that the guy is still correct.


There is no area of Frederick County where the land is dirty and filthy. As folks watch the turmoil all over the Middle East (I prefer not to identify then all), you don’t see the Salvation Army and other charitable groups walking up and down the streets feeding and helping. It is too dangerous.


A note arrived yesterday that 200,000 people were without electricity and water. Nope, not in Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Ukraine and other familiar spots – but in West Virginia. For what it’s worth, church humanitarian groups are on the job. They won’t face attacks to deter doing the job. At the same time, the state and federal governments have the job to restore services and will. It won’t take a lot of opinionators, politicians and others interfering to complete the job.


We can complain a great deal about the activities out of the nation’s capital. It is indeed a miracle that many good things get accomplished where thoughts and ideas more often than not get in the way.


To see local governments prepared and get the job of protecting the public done is something we can take for granted.


For the time being, we can surely be proud of the emergency services afforded in the city and county. In the next discussion there should be no fighting over pay for the men and women doing the job. Or, let me throw this in, with the recent fight over school security, good Lord, we ask deputy sheriffs and police officers to risk their lives breaking up the gang fights and disturbances at scholastic sports events. If an officer has to taze a fighting “youngster,” we want to penalize the officer. Heck, give the officer a promotion with fanfare.


One more thing, maybe parents of the “juvenile delinquents” ought to be arrested, tried and jailed. Now that will be a fight unseen in recent years.


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