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February 19, 2015

Allís Not Quiet on the Presidential Front

Harry M. Covert

The would-be’s are flailing all over the place. They and their ghost writers are hustling books, going to places like Iowa in the dead of winter trying to organize electable opinions and lining up begging apparatus in high gear for the highest office in the land.


Yes, while good citizens around the 50-states attempt to deal with all the issues in their hometowns and around the world, candidates of all sorts are doing their best to become the best.


It is not an easy task. What happens on the national scale does reach down to all localities? The warts and all are finding their way to the interested public.


Who can blame them for wanting the presidency and all of its perks. Don’t think for a moment the perks advantages are enormous and plenty. In this day and age the business of patriotism appears to have taken a small step backward.


At the start, no matter what may be philosophized and prophesized, no Independent candidate has a chance in the world of winning the presidential competition. The voters aren’t in any mood to elect a middle of the roader. Call it what you will, but it’s not going to happen.


The shenanigans under way in the federal city, whether in the White House or at the Capitol or over at the Supreme Court are not going to change the way things are.


Many presidential watchers and arm chair experts love to think that former Secretary-Senator-FLOTUS Hillary Clinton will give her thoughts to grand mothering instead of being the first woman president. Her Adam, as he described himself recently, will be prancing around enjoying life as a statesman and First Husband. Honestly, can you blame him? She is not the only grandmother in town.


The Clintons are the master politicians of this age. They didn’t do it by themselves and they sure put together a team. From1992, when Mr. Clinton earned the job in a campaign fight with President George H. W Bush and Ross Perot, the Clintons have survived all kinds of trials and troubles; but the team has remained intact. You have to give it to them; the Clinton team is well-oiled, smooth and the media al loves them.


All the babble about the woman from Massachusetts, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, getting people all excited is wishful thinking to some. If Mrs. Clinton decides in the affirmative, it is in the bag for her. Camp David still remains in Catoctin.


The National Republican tryouts are good for the consultants, media buyers, direct mail minions and other hangers-on. Of course, this aerie “can’t individually verify these claims.” Most political watchers truly figure the GOP nominee is not among the long list of hopefuls. It is a shame that the late Lee Atwater isn’t around to pull the candidate list together.


Mr. Atwater knew how to run campaigns; he knew how to pick candidates and knew extremely well how to set up the battle lines.


The Clintons’ war horse, James Carville, is still behind the scenes, letting everyone thinking about Louisiana goings-on. James may well be quiet on the public front, but he’s got things together and is a frequent commuter from New Orleans to Alexandria, VA., in his consulting capacity.


Political consultants everywhere know of his acumen and abilities.


In some ways, James and Lee Atwater are kindred spirits. They both exhibited the winning attitude. I don’t know James personally, but I did know Lee.


There is no sense in prognostication today about winners and losers in 2016. No matter how it’s cut, unless the Clintons figure they’ve got enough loot and walk away as Adam and Eve, the current list of GOP hopefuls are just going to be on a spending spree.


One wag suggested if Ms. Hillary prevails, the firsts could well continue – Mr. O is the first African American to move in the White House; Ms. C could be the first woman to reach the lofty reaches. Then there could be the first Lesbian, the first Transgender to follow. This is enough, but don’t laugh because it could well happen. The mood of the country seems ripe.


People obviously have their likes on the GOP side but let’s face it; prospects are not strong at present. Never give up, most certainly, but a third term is more than likely although the Constitution doesn’t speak about a husband-wife duo. I’m not talking about Bill and Melinda Gates.


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