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February 17, 2015

Pass the Pancakes, Fluffy Ones

Harry M. Covert

Let there be no question, today is special. Everywhere around Frederick and the world, it is described as Pancake Day. Personally the fluffy cakes are something else with all types of berries, syrups and butter, real or otherwise.


To Christians there is no better time than Shrove Tuesday where the dominant food is the pancake in church halls, fire halls, fund-raising efforts and lots of other arenas.


Of course, this day is preparatory to the beginning of Lent, Quadragesima. Readers and good citizens undoubtedly will espy folks walking around with ash marks on their foreheads and knowing there are six weeks leading up to Easter. During Lent believers empower their lives through prayer, penance, and repentance of sins, almsgiving, atonement and self-denial.


Our communities could well be better and hopefully they will. Surely we can anticipate some repentance from all in the political business, the “protean rascals”, as described by H. L. Mencken and reported to me by Marion Elizabeth Rodgers.


“Coruscations” from the politicos could well be dulled sooner than later. And, during these six weeks to Easter, a variety of atonements is available.


From this bureau, endeavors are going to be made.


For example, a few weeks of editorial quietness not to refer to the Frederick County executive as Her Worship but “to give her the respect she deserves.”


No referring to a delegate as the Dancer.


No reference to “smells of cordite” in the air, figuratively speaking of course, for any public schools or downtown pleasure palaces (bars).


No wondering out loud as to why Frederick City Government remains derelict in cleaning up and out the decrepit buildings, the obvious ones on North Market Street.


No wondering why the terrific Weinberg Center is out of touch with the community in its speaker series.


No more wondering why Harry Grove Stadium is sold out for a sponsor, of course, money talks.


No more wondering why Maryland’s new governor turned his back on a heavy-duty party supporter.


No more wondering just what the late William Donald Schaefer would think of present day political fights.


No more wondering why the county sheriff’s office doesn’t assume all policing in the city.


No more wondering why the crummy bicycle lanes still remain on West 7th Street, Frederick.


No more wondering why good citizens have such a tough time receiving a concealed weapon carry license.


No more wondering why John C. Hanson doesn’t at least have an asterisk in presidential listings.


No more wondering why a county or city boulevard, street or road hasn’t been named after Maury Hassett, a respected former newspaper editor.


No more wondering why Patricia Kelly hasn’t been nominated for a county-wide office.


No more wondering why Frederick’s own Randy White, a Florida bishop, has not organized a local international church.


No more wondering why afternoon newspapers have gone the way of the linotype.


No more wondering why the Golden Mile re-styling is still far in the future.


No more wondering why the very first county council president has been so quiet or mute.


Don’t forget, fluffy pancakes are always available. I’m not giving in to self-denial for Lent. Maybe the country sausage will be missed if no one is looking.


And, at least for a few more days, this aerie will be in solemn meditation and maybe pay some minuscule penance for any misremembrances or would-be misunderstandings.


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