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As Long as We Remember...

February 13, 2015

Mr. Obama’s Crusade

Joe Charlebois

Bob Beckel on the FOX News program The Five expressed his thoughts on the reason that President Barack Obama and most in his administration refrain from using the terms Islam or Muslim when referring to ISIS or other Islamist groups. I agree with him.


“I think Obama grew up among Muslims. I think he was very strongly affected by Muslims…I think in his dream of dreams he hopes that these guys aren’t really Muslims and he doesn’t want to call them Muslims because he really does like Muslims.”


Mr. Beckel, who has worked for the likes of Robert Kennedy, Walter Mondale and Jimmy Carter, consistently defends leftist positions; but at times he approaches situations with common sense. His assertion that the president avoids painting any Muslims with a negative brush no matter what the situation is dead on.


The whole world has witnessed Mr. Obama’s reluctance to criticize Islamist extremism even before he took office. He has always gone out of his way to point out the “peaceful religion” even as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is attempting to build a modern caliphate using the strictest interpretations of the teachings of Islam.


Those who espouse the belief that ISIS is not Islamic need to explain how Christians, who are unfortunate enough to be in the path of ISIS, are either summarily killed or forced to “convert” to Islam. They also need to explain why sharia law is enforced.


The president, who was purportedly raised in a home without faith, was introduced to Islam from his earliest days and his comfort level with that faith has been widely known through the books he has written.


Interestingly the president’s experience as a community organizer brought him into the churches of Chicago, where he joined Trinity United Church of Christ. This was the largest and most influential black congregation in the city. It was the perfect place for someone with political ambitions to receive support.


Trinity, of course, was the home to Pastor Jeremiah Wright for nearly 36 years where he would bring to the pulpit sermons that mainstream America would find overtly racist. So much so that one member – media-mogul Oprah Winfrey – left the church because she could no longer associate with his ideology. President Obama, on the other hand, felt no such need to disassociate himself from Pastor Wright’s messages.


Since Trinity constantly provided a message defined by black liberation theology, I wonder if the president has ever belonged to a church or attended services where the true message of Christ was shared. If this is truly the case, I can understand how Mr. Obama can be so dismissive and even equate the “white Christian church” of the Middle Ages, which sought to turn back the tide of Islamic influence in the Holy Land and restore the birthplace of Christianity into the hands of Christians, with the barbarism being inflicted on innocents by ISIS.


In short, the president is an apologist not only for American influence and exceptionalism throughout the world but he is a devout apologist for Christianity as well.


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