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February 12, 2015

Back to Reality

Harry M. Covert

There are many who easily accept the current state of world affairs. The attitude of far too many is that troubles in the Middle East are no longer American concerns.


For example, gas prices have fallen and the United States can provide its own oil. So, let the growing cancer of Islamic terrorism continue to grow. The latest, of course, is this week’s complete take over in Yemen. They actually disarmed American marines escorting state department workers to a fast getaway on Navy ships.


The astonishment still grates me that Frederick, the state of Maryland, and the rest of the USA in their hearts want to be kind and nice and risk democracy as is known hereabouts. This matter is not going to pass where the terrorists just calm down, enjoy peace and prosperity and receive membership in the United Nations.


This is not going to happen any time soon. Nor will it occur during the lives of our grandchildren and great, great, great offspring.


If good citizens don’t know it yet, the creeping evil assaulting the world is going to keep on keeping on.


I confess. My personal conviction is what people have been taught. Things like “to whom much is given much is required.” Then, “we are our brother’s keeper.” This is not a sermonizing moment.


Viewing the recent beheadings honestly angered me to no avail. I’ve helped in international relief projects in predominantly Arabic cultures. I know about cultural differences. I saw and heard of the appalling deaths in Iraq when the late Saddam Hussein allowed his sons to grab young girls off the street, and after using them, just murdered them.


Perhaps I remember too much. I do know how hungry, sick and dying people live and look, even today in foreign lands. I can name these places if necessary.


So many jurisdictions in Maryland and throughout the land are faced with pushes to allow sharia law, the law of Islam. Stay with me. I would like to think such a thing will never, ever be permitted.


America’s judicial system may have some flaws, but it’s the best and fairest; and I don’t care            a bit about any objections.


Once, and truthfully writing and recalling, a 13-year-old Sudanese boy had his right hand cut off in his hometown of Port Sudan, Sudan. He was charged with stealing. It didn’t matter to the religious court the theft was for his family’s evening meal. No one considered just buying food for the hungry family.


The next time you hear of a local teenager robbing a convenience store for a soft drink or donut or candy bar, think about the Sudanese boy. This is the desire of some so-called agreeable Islamists to include sharia law into local law.


How long will Americans, and the rest of the free world, keep pouring in millions of dollars and euros, risking the lives of so many young men and women and religious workers and continue putting up with terrorism? It is not going to end anytime soon, neither will beheadings, hostage taking and starving people stop; that is, until mealy-mouthing stops. This is not a philosophical war.


Think the immigration problem is going away? No!


Think the Islamic terrorists are going away? No! No!


Think the current administration is really going to stop it? No! No! No!


Want to send your sons and daughters to the Middle East to feed the people, young and old alike? No! No! No! And neither in these days nor any time in the future.




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